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Paul Aguilar
Fast toy

This thing is very fast! Love the intriguing way to route your power cables but once all come together, fun stuff!!! Love it!

wonderfull Set from Eric Traxx and Cada buildit it.

Ich war begeistert, die Verpackung sehr Anspruchsvoll , die Aufteilung der verschiedenen Boxen, die Bauanleitung sehr Übersichtlich, ein sehr gelungendes Modell. Mein Respekt habt Ihr Dopple E. Moc Builder sind die besten weil Sie Ihre
Modelle perfektionieren. Ich würde mich freuen wenn meine Modelle mal bei Cada erscheinen. aber ich habe keine Bauanleitungen. see you Sven

Éric Beaupré
Très beau modèle

Juste un peu déçu des frais caché de douanes

Christian Hagen
Very nice set.

Very nice, compact and stuffed set.
Great to have so many rc functions in such a small set.
Been in contact with Eric Trax, the designer of the original model, and he gave me a few tips to make it function more to scale.
It is way to fast!!!
Made an adjustment in the steering, removed the 1x1 round plates on all four steering stops, now it turns like the real one.
I replaced the tires with the new smaller tractor tires from TLG, they look way better than the balloon tires that come with the set.
Also replaced the stickers with Claas brand stickers like on the original model.
Only downside, the arm doesn't go down far enough to get the bucket flat on the ground, maybe it is fixable.


Great kit...but TOO FAST...!

Great kit...but a little too fast for the scale. It needs better gearing to make the Telehandler drive at a better speed in relation to it's size. The bucket and raise/lift arms work ok and are more to scale.


Das ist ein ganz, ganz tolles Modell! Sowas konnte Lego früher auch mal, ist aber lange her. Toll zu bauen und hoher Spielspaß noch dazu!

Cada, weiter so!!

J Gutierrez

A remarkably compact and intricate design, kudos to its engineer! The parts are of high quality, and more than ample spares were provided. Shipping was fast and free (to U.S.A.). Thanks to your team for making this and other MOCs available and affordable.

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