CaDA Solar System Designed By JK Brickworks | C71004W
CaDA Solar System Designed By JK Brickworks | C71004W
CaDA Solar System Designed By JK Brickworks | C71004W
CaDA Solar System Designed By JK Brickworks | C71004W
CaDA Solar System Designed By JK Brickworks | C71004W

CaDA Solar System Designed By JK Brickworks | C71004W

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The C71004W Solar System is perfect for those who love stars and sophisticated gear structural combinations.The sophisticated gear system is compact and the shape of it's designed, making this set aesthetically pleasing to look at. When you turn the handle clockwise, it causes turntables with pointers to rotate in a counterclockwise direction. At exactly the same time three planets of sun, moon and earth start rotating too! The manual contains fan facts of the solar system, as well as the 24 solar terms of traditional Chinese culture.
Pieces : 865
Size : 33*19.4*21cm

Packing: Original Box

Customer Reviews

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Mike Lilly

Been wanting to part this Orrery by the great JK Brickwork's for a couple years now, but then stumbled onto this licensed kit.
- Nice box-art all around. Especially front embossed/raised imagery. Inner box has nice schematic graphics too.
- Very thorough instruction. Step by step approach on par with Mega-Construx.
- Unusual unique brick separator. Handy.
- Large base has good weight to it. Better for handling and moving about than JK's original base design. Can grip and hold easier while using crank/handle.
- Brick quality like Mega Construx. Clutch similar and very good.
- The gold elements have nice look.
- Good quality stickers/graphics.
- A great build, satisfying and enjoyable. Complex yet fairly simple to build. Fun.
- JK's design of the Earth and continents at this small scale.
- Spins rotates smoothly.
- Improves on JK's original design with he himself reworking it.
- Gives hope that CaDA will produce more of JK's designs. Especially hoping for his '2001: A Space Odyssey' Discovery ship.
- Item delivered safe and sound (just a couple of slight dents on the corners of the item's box) in about 3+ weeks to U.S.A.
- Great price.

- Stickers. Not necessarily bad but on placement of the months on the ring of gold slopes, some can be placed crooked if not careful.
Some of those areas on the ring don't have sturdy clutch so pressing down on the element to place stickers can snap off the element from their plates and hinges.
- Not as good as Lego quality bricks/elements but dang close. Very close.
- Bag 1 corresponded with the first part of the build accurately, but for bag's 2 and 3 you'd need to open all of them and organize your parts for the rest of the build. I enjoy this, but if you're looking for the Lego style of each bag going in order, this kit's bags 2 and 3 don't follow in that fashion.
- Even though on box says 8+, kid's around this age would find it difficult to push certain pins into place, and with the style of instructions would miss some pin placements, etc. Definitely needs adult supervision for kid builders 8 to 12.
- Weight of the large boom, slightly droops that part of the model. Not bad, barely noticeable.
- Originally after ordering no tracking provided, only way to communicate then was to leave a poor review but the Double Eagle site had good communication, got back to me promptly, after that review, on where the package was en-route.

Very nice Set

I build it up with my 5 Year old son to explaine the whole earth, sun and moon thing.

fantastic piece!

beautiful realistic piece!


Awesome and beautiful set


Me and my 7 year old had a blast. Was very impressed with the quality of these "off brand" bricks. My only issue was the packaging of the pieces wasn't based around the instructions but rather the type of pieces. This meant all of the packages had to be opened before you even got to the second booklet.

Shea R

Great fun to make, and amazing to see the engineering come together into an amazing final piece. Everyone who has seen it is blown away!

Great Results

JK Brickworks is one of my favorite designers. When I saw it was available I had to get it. The overall result is fantastic and is definitely an eye catcher. Overall, build quality is good. I wish it had a little more variety in terms of color configuration on the inside, as the base is all the same color, even on the pieces that are not seen. This made it a little difficult in some areas as it was hard to distinguish between some pieces and there location. Other then that everything was fine.

good quality, nice object. friendly and helpful customer support


Kathleen Jones
Birthday gift for grandson

I was getting nervous because it took almost 4 weeks to arrive. It actually arrived on his birthday! He seems to love it, but he is not finished with the assembly since he has just had it a few days

Kazuto Okayasu
Hey, I built this 35yrs ago

This looks a lot like something I built from the Danish stuff as a science project in middle school 35yrs ago, except mine was motorized.