CaDA T-34 Tank C61072W
CaDA T-34 Tank C61072W
CaDA T-34 Tank C61072W
CaDA T-34 Tank C61072W
CaDA T-34 Tank C61072W
CaDA T-34 Tank C61072W

CaDA T-34 Tank C61072W

Designed By Maciej Szymański
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Maciej Szymanski's T-34 tank is not an ordinary tank. It is a faithful preservation of the original T-34 tank design. The arrangement of the wheels has been meticulously preserved, with a greater distance between the second and third wheels, just like the original. This attention to detail ensures that you get an authentic experience.

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Outstanding Exterior Details: Classic interleaved road wheels/exhaust and cooling systems/turret gun shield/high-speed machine gun, and other details are highly restored.

Remote Control Function: 2.4GHz remote control allows for multiple car interactions/play, automatic frequency matching, ultra-long remote control distance, flexible body rotation, and remote control operation of forward/backward/left turn/right turn, and turret rotation control.

Switch Linkage Design: Building block-style power switch button, which can quickly extract and connect the charging port as a whole.

The perfect gift for military model enthusiasts.

Model Number.: C61072W

Difficulty: Low

Pieces: 722

Product Size: L27-W11-H9.2cm

Color Box Measure: L38-W30-H9cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Keith Collins

Another nice model RC tank to go with my Tiger and Panther.

Terry Rowsell
Easier link to my vid of the tank

If you watch the video you’ll see a fix I made. Don’t let that stop you from purchasing this tank. I really love it. YouTube video placeholder
Hans Mohrmann

Das Set überzeugt mich. Vor allem überzeugt es meine Enkelsöhne.