Cada Release on May: The Citroën 2CV C61026W / C55021W

Cada Release on May: The Citroën 2CV C61026W / C55021W

Build the Iconic Citroën 2CV

View 1:12 Citroën 2CV C61026W
View 1:24 Citroën 2CV C55021W

Cada bricks Citroen 2CV C61026W

Few cars are as iconic to their nation as the Citroën 2CV. As French as baguettes, berets and the Eiffel Tower, the 2CV has become one of the most desirable cult cars today. Citroën designed this car as a light-weight alternative to the horses and carts common in the French countryside at the time. Cheap and compact, but still able to transport a 50-liter barrel of wine. And it had a suspension so soft you could transport a basket of eggs over France’s notorious windy cobblestone streets -or ploughed fields- without spilling a single yolk. The 2CV still has many admirers around the world today. A popularity lasting since production ceased in 1990.


Licensed by Citroen, With All the Details

Show off your Cada bricks Citroen 2CV C61026W

CaDA Bricks is proud to present two new brick models of the Citroën 2CV. Fully licensed by Citroën, the models capture the charm that makes the ‘tin snail’ so special. The round roof, arching high enough for French farmers to drive to church on Sunday’s without taking their hats off? Oui! The characteristic flipping side windows?  Bien-sur! The half-covered back wheels? Pas problème! And don’t forget the smaller touches, like the brown retro style mirrors and the specific round headlights the 2CV is recognized by. Both 2CV models by CaDA Bricks feature all the details that makes it so recognizable.

It’s not just the most apparent style elements that make these models special – and extremely fun to build. The steering wheel is working, meaning the turning it will actually turn the car. The engine bay includes a detailed replica of the actual engine. Best of all, the car’s owner is always ready to move, with portable luggage ready in the trunk that can be removed and rolled out for a quick break with cognac and fine camembert. He or she can even snap some pictures of all the attractions using the included retro style camera.


Small and Big, for Any Enthusiast

2 Different Scale Size of Cada bricks Citroen 2CV C61026W & C55021W

At close to 300 pieces, the smaller XXX scale model makes for a great piece for casual brick builders and ‘Dolly’ enthusiasts who want to build their 2CV in no-time. Despite its small size, the smooth finish and smart details immediately conjure the simultaneous romance and quaintness of Paris by night.

Enthusiasts who are looking for an even more striking display piece - or simply a greater brick building challenge – will be thrilled with the 1238 piece 1:12 scale model. Featuring many movable parts, including opening doors, trunk and engine bay - complete with motor replica -, this detailed model will be a prize in the collection of any 2CV lover. It also includes the option to motorize with the CaDA remote control kit (sold separately), which can be installed in less than 15 minutes. The 2CV models are wonderful pieces for brick enthusiasts and fans of the car alike.


Show Off Your 2CV in Style

Cada bricks Citroen 2CV C61026W

Both models are nicely packaged, making for a great gift that would delight any Francophile at first sight. It shows off images of the Citroën 2CV in its most evocative settings: in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and in the French countryside. The high-quality box will immediately make a great impression.

As a special bonus for collectors, CaDA also includes a special black-and-yellow display brick, for a great display experience.

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