About Us - CaDA Bricks

CaDA Bricks is a brand of building bricks created by the Double Eagle Group. Our toy bricks are produced from high quality raw materials and certified according to leading International Safety Standards. CaDA was established in 2016 and has since developed many successful building bricks sets .

CaDA brick construction sets include original designs and licensed sets. The best-known toy bricks line is CaDA Technic, which includes the Super Car series. Most sets in the Super Car series contains 1300 to 2700 bricks from CaDA Technic.

In 2020 CaDA bricks has launched its brand-new Master Series. The Master Series is based on licensed MOC designs from original designers. The idea behind the Master Series of CaDA bricks is to bring licensed design and their components together, so brick building hobbyists worldwide can experience great MOC designs easily and hassle-free. We also support designers this way to spread their MOC designs, which encourages them to create even more fantastic MOC sets.  

CaDA Bricks has over 66,000 square meters manufacturing facilities and over 300 employees. CaDA's production lines are highly automated, with 200 automatic machines working 24/7. Quality and efficiency are guaranteed.

CaDA bricks can be found in almost every corner of the world. CaDA is also strongly expanding its business into Germany since 2019.