AE86 Trueno Takumi Fujiwara | C61024W - Doublee_CaDA
AE86 Trueno Takumi Fujiwara | C61024W - Doublee_CaDA
AE86 Trueno Takumi Fujiwara | C61024W - Doublee_CaDA
AE86 Trueno Takumi Fujiwara | C61024W - Doublee_CaDA
AE86 Trueno Takumi Fujiwara | C61024W - Doublee_CaDA
AE86 Trueno Takumi Fujiwara | C61024W - Doublee_CaDA
AE86 Trueno Takumi Fujiwara | C61024W - Doublee_CaDA

CaDA Bricks AE86 Trueno Takumi Fujiwara | C61024W

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Astonishing Takumi Fujiwara’s iconic Toyota AE86 TRUENO in 1:12.5 scale detailed replica - choose between classic and Project D look!

Feaures: steering linkage; flip up lights; rear shocks; opening doors, hood and trunk; optional motorization and Initial D 25th anniversary brick!

The CaDA Bricks Initial D series recreate that exact feeling by faithfully and accurately presenting the vehicles you love as brick models. The Initial D models are licensed by both the manga rights holder and the car makers, giving the models the exact look and feel expected by fans, hobbyist brick builders and car enthusiasts.

Pieces: 1324PCS

Motorized version power system elements

Micro motor         JV5043 *1
M size motor pro  JV5030 *1
Servo motor pro   JV5029 *1
LED lights               JV3046*1
Lipo battery box    JV1010*1
Radio control         JV8011*1

Packing: Original Box


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jade Rose
good, but could be better

It's a fun build and a great display piece (I got the non-motorized version).
That said, if you're looking for screen/panel-accurate, look elsewhere. Overall it feels either too long or not tall enough, with the angle of the rear window being wrong. Additionally I feel they could have done a better job hiding some of the structural pieces, like for the gearshift/dashboard/center console and rear suspension/trunk (see attached pictures).

Fun build. Pieces scratched and sticker missing


This is my first purchase that isn't an official Lego set. Also my first purchase from this site.

- It was shipped to Quebec, Canada and took 1 month and 1 week to get to my place.

- Clear instructions for the most part, some can sometimes be confusing
- The box it came with was very well made, the art is amazing!
- Truly a legendary car and a great show piece

- Not sure what happened, but many and my pieces are scuffed or scratched, from the factory it seems. (Seem pictures attached)
- Some pieces were simply just too loose to stay properly in place. For example: the driver seat would always fall over if I had to pick it up and move it around
- The stickers are missing

Overall, I had fun. I'm a little disappointed about the scuffed pieces and the stickers but it is what it is. I'm sure I could reach out to Double-E and they would fix it for me, but I don't feel like waiting a month for a few pieces and stickers to come in the mail and start over the set.

Terence Bonifacio
I love it

The only cons is the sticker

R Stevens
lego 86

Hi, I really like making lego and the Initail d series so to be able to get the AE86 from the series was really cool. It was fun to build and also has a lot of detail involved with building the engine, diff and suspension as well as the interior and the end result looks really cool.
I liked it so much i am going to buy the tofu shop next.

Awesome build for 86 enthusiasts

Awesome kit if you are looking for an AE-86, it looks fantastic. You can buy a motor and remote control for it, I have not purchased it yet. Full suspension and front wheels turn. Hood, doors and hatch all open. It is customizable with different engine, 2 different spoilers, side skirts and a front lip.

Only con is that it is not like lego sets where bags are numbered and you do them in order. Pieces are in different bags so it does take some time to get that all sorted out. I ended up emptying each bag in a separate bowl so I could rummage through to find the pieces I needed.

Alex Corado
Initial D obsessed delivery driver loves this car!

Envoi rapide, pas de pièces manquantes, dans l'ensemble très bon produit et je suis très satisfait.

Marc Vardar
Just Awesome

Very good model with many details. Instructions are very good and the packaging looks very nice. Building was a lot of fun, all bags are numbered. Definitely a must buy for every initial D Fan!

Chris Peplow
No parcel delivered

I am unable to offer a review as the item I ordered still has not been recieved. Cada says it was delivered on the 15th Jan 2023, which is a lie. Chasing up Fedex, the item has suffered some sort of delay and has not not been delivered. I have contacted Cada with no response.

GIorgio Abbruzzese

i love this model!

Ethan Manglicmot
Good, could improve but good

Seeing the anime I was astonished as to how accurate it is, everything works.

Whats great about it:
Accurate model, works, great handling, easy instructions

Greater battery to make it go faster, reworks on the roof, where the engine goes, and wiring placement, rework on dashboard, and use different material for tires to make it drift.

Other than that this was amazing and I love this so much