About Taxes

First of all, we are much grateful for you for visiting us and supporting our brand DoubleE, CaDA. Our online store receive orders from almost every area on the world, but because some logistics reason, we are unable to deliver goods to a few place.

As mentioned, we are facing customer all over the world. But because of the differential of the customs policy between countries, the import taxes are too hard to be predictable, so it is hard for us to cover fees(Some countries needs addictional fees for customs tax prepaid which will double our costs) for every orders. So it is a pity that we can not offer our customers with both freeshipping and fee covered. Maybe after we grown our online business good enough, and we are able to build different website, settle our office at local, then we can start offering you better services.

We are much appreciated to you for supporting us and helps us walking through the tough roads. We will keep focus on develop amazing products for you and grown our group to offer you the best service you ever had.


With much gratitude,


Doubleeagle(China) Limited