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CaDA Initial D Licensed Mazda RX-7 FC3S | C61022W

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The Mazda RX-7 FC3S, nicknamed The White Comet of Akagi, is Ryosuke Takahashi’s beloved racer.
The collaboration between CaDA and the Initial D, created by Shuichi Shigeno, now brings original brick building set for the iconic Mazda RX7-FC. The result: wonderful combination of the manga and brick building! Fully licensed set! Comes with REDSUNS team's logo stickers!

Features: detailed and accurate scale replica of Mazda RX7; opening truck, hood and doors; flip up lights; chrome wheels; detailed interior; front and rear suspension systems; display stand included; possible motorized upgrade.
Initial D comics style packaging with Shuichi Shigeno's hand-painted manuscripts.

Pieces: 1552

Motorized version power system elements

M size motor pro  JV5030 *1
Servo motor pro   JV5029 *1
LED lights               JV3012*1
Lipo battery box    JV1010*1
Radio control         JV8011*1

Comes in the original box

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gregory Casimir
Great Gift for Initial D fans

Being a huge fan of the show since it first debute I was beside myself on getting this for Christmas from my wife. It's very nicely detailed (love the pop-up headlights) and pretty accurate to the actual car (I have the real one myself in black!). When I was assembling the car I did have two issues. One issue I had was due to not having the correct piece to assemble the roof. Luckily enough the mainstream company of these building blocks helped me rectify this issue for free. The other one was that one of the blocks wasn't fully molded correctly so that is gonna have to be glue together or I bought new. While I was at that store having this fixed I was asked where I got this from as they don't have anything like it. I'm looking into purchasing the radio controller but would like to see a review on it first. I think I'll get the rest of the cars to complete the collection


I’m missing a very crucial piece and it’s one of the first pieces:( I’d like some help

Matwej Lang
Really nice model

I really liked it, shippment was fast and no missing parts. Some bricks had little "scratches" or black marks but overall really good.
Going to buy the Tojota RX5 Intitial D next.

Devlin Rawlings

The car is a perfect display piece, but I'm sure it would also work as an excellent kids toy. I've seen some complaints about the stickers however personally they went on fine and look great. I wish it would tell you about the front license plate option before the end of the build and the rear spoiler is a tad flimsy but other than that this car is an excellent build and I will be looking to buy another in the future.

Lisa Phelps
Initial D RX7

This is a great set, very detailed and a bit challenging at times, the box it comes in makes it a nice collectable.

I purchased all 3 of the official initial d sets from CaDa

I purchased this set along with the yellow FD and they came all the way to NC United States in less than a week. They came with the boxes in almost perfect condition and all pieces were accounted for. As for the set itself, it’s fantastic of the 3 official initial D sets from cada the FC is my favorite, something about the shape of the car suits the cada bricks perfectly.

Great set with a few minor issues

Overall this is a very good looking set which is fun to build. It‘s pretty accurate to the source material and the attention to detail is great.
The quality of the bricks is great too, but they do show some scratches out of the box and sometimes have some black marks. Luckily this wasn‘t the case for any of the pieces on the outside.
I was a bit disappointed that the set didn‘t include a functioning differential (unlike the AE86 model). But my biggest issue with the set (as with all CaDA sets I‘ve build so far) is the use of stickers. The stickers have a pretty bad quality and are often applied over multiple pieces. I would really have prefered the use of prints. It would give the set a much more premium feel, and I‘d be happy to pay a little extra. If prints aren‘t an option for some reason, I expect at the very least the use of much higher quality sticker and for them not to be applied over multiple pieces.