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Cada Bricks September Release: Master Supercar C61042W

  • by Grant Lv

Cada Bricks September Release: C61042W Italian Super Car

The first CaDA Master series set C61041W has received a lot of attention in international building bricks community. A young and talended Moc designer from Holland - T-Lego, came out with pretty good looking super car model. Since that time CaDA Bricks fans were anticipating what will be the next Master series set. And here we are, ready and proud to announce the second of the CaDA Master series the C61042W Italian Super Car.

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Basic Information

Pieces:  3187

Scale:   1:8

Size of the model: 52*25*13cm

Version: motorized version only. In the box you will find the power system (the transmitter, the battery box, two L size motors and two servos).



The set is a creation of Bruno J, a Moc designer from Germany, who is famous within the international building bricks community. In 2018 with his original build of the McLaren Moc.

Bruno J Youtube Channel: Bruno Jenson

CaDA Bricks and Bruno J's cooperation has resulted a unique model in motorized version. This model not only looks awesome but also has quite a few features that bring in hours of playability after the build is finished.


The Italian Supercar C61042W

Let us have a closer look at the Italian Super Car C61042W.

CaDA Italian Supercar C61042


The Italian Supercar comes in an exquisite box that is a piece of art on its own.

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W packaging box

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W Pictures of packaging

Inner Boxes

The pieces are packed into 6 numbered boxes which, when put together in the right order, reflect the supercar's aggressive front grille.

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W 6 boxes 2

C61042W Instrutions

You will also find a multi-colored and beautifully illustrated instruction booklet together with the designer's self introduction.

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W desinger introduction

The sticker are a combination of good quality material with clear printing thus, creating a unique and satisfying building experience for the final model.

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W

Building C61042W

The Super Car consists of 3187 pieces and comes together with the power system pack. The chassis is built from 3 basic modules with stunning bodywork on the top. The building steps are easy to follow, thanks to the well-thought structure and design.

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W black pins

Guess what? You will not find blue pins that were criticized by many CaDA fans, as they are now replaced with black pins. These definitely have a stylish impact on the overall look of the Super Car.

Examining the Italian Supercar C61042W


The model itself is an awesome 1:8 scale replica which every collector should have on their shelf. Beautiful and realistic exterior details are:

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W exterior

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W exterior


CaDA Italian supercar C61042W engine

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W interior

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W

Opening Elements

C61042W features great playability with a manually opening bonnet, engine hood, glove box and doors. To bring more playability, Bruno J has added well thought functional door locks.

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W openning element

Suspensions & V8 Engine

Two additional great features are the independent front and rear suspensions and the detailed V8 engine sitting at the back of the model.

CaDA Italian supercar C61042W V8 engine

As the C61042W comes in motorized version, this is great news for those who would like to take the car for a spin. Remote control allows controlling driving, steering and LED lights but the coolest thing is the remote control allows for a 4-speed sequential gearbox.

No, the list is not over yet! There are more features to mention!

You will also be able to see all the moving parts in action without even touching the Super Car: engine pistons, steering wheel, shift paddles and gear indicator.

And the there is the icing on the cake!

To make the Super Car drive faster, we have added new S059 power system two L size motors and two servos which are double in power and speed when compared with the S054 power elements.


Summarizing C61042W

This Super Car model definitely appeals to both: the collectors as well as building bricks fans who not only like to build but also play. Each detail of the Italian Super Car is an accurate reflection of why the fans are waiting so eagerly for this Master set. Motorized building bricks fans will find many stunning features which will take their breath away. The accurate depiction of the model makes this set a true dream for any building bricks Super Car collector.

Rounding all of these amazing features, C61042W is simply a master piece by Bruno J.


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  • Bonjour,

    Je souhaite également obtenir les instructions par PDF svp.
    Modèle : CaDA Bricks Master Series | C61042W (version motorisée).


    Manu on
  • Just received yesterday..pista cada yellow and would love pdf instructions.

    Gregg on
  • Hello, it would be nice if you could email the PDF instructions for C61042w to me. Thank you!

    Steve on
  • Hallo, könnten Sie mir die Anleitungen für den C61042w als pdf-Datei zusenden?

    Michael Hose on
  • can I have a set of instructions too? I prefer online. thanks

    bai yixiang on
  • bonjour, je vois que la majorité des gens demande le guide en PDF, mais je ne vois jamais de réponse. Pour une société comme CADA, il serait assez facile de réaliser les instructions de montage, ce qui donnerais une plus value à la société et elle serait au niveau de la société LEGO Technic.

    oreste lodi on
  • Is it possible to get the pdf instructions from somewhere? I absolutely prefer building this way.
    Thanks in advance.

    Florian Süß on
  • Could you send the instructions to me too? We are three builders and just one book of intructions is not enough 😁

    Schnegge0310 on
  • Hi,

    does somehow has the instructions PDF or a link to it? I seem to have lost my printed version and wanted to rebuild it.



    Alex on
  • Gibt es eine Möglichkeit eine PDF für die Bauanleitung von Seite 125 – 190 zu bekommen? Leider habe ich das Buch Nr. 3 verloren :(

    Sven Oberholzer on

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