Cada Bricks April Released: C61020W Japanese Supercar R35

CaDA Supercar R35

CaDA Supercar R35 | C61020W Review

R35 is one of the most iconic symbols of Super Cars around the world. R35 is also a hot topic within brick fans around the world.

Cada R35 has already attracted lots of attention, before its release. And, while there are only 1322 pieces to this set, the car's appearance is great and life-like. The set specially designed built allows for the builder to quickly assemble the power pack, transforming it into the motorized version. The manual version includes detailing parts: chrome-plated wheels, stickers, 2 engine choices, hood spoiler, and 2 types of rear wings to choose from. Shop Now

C61020W Packaging

Supercar R35 Packaging

Basic Info.

Pieces:  1322

Scale:   1:12.5

Size of the model: 33.4x14.8x9.9cm

Version: manual or motorized.

The motorized version requires Cada power system pack (to be purchased separately).

Super Car R35 comes in standard Cada packaging with a white carry handle (size 46*10.5*38cm)

Package Contents

The bags containing the 1322 pieces, manuals and stickers are packed in a strong corrugated paper box.


Supercar R35 Contents


The instructions are very detailed and with color images, making the assembly of R35 easy. Booklet number 1 contains the instructions for the car and the instructions for fitting the power pack are covered in instruction booklet number 2.


Supercar R35 Manuals


The stickers are made of durable material and nice to touch. Even the smallest of the stickers have detailed printing, making the details realistic and easily visible.


Supercar R35 Stickers

R35 Build

The set build is divided into 5 separate parts (A, B, C, D and E). The first three parts require careful attention to the construction and allow the builder to build the main structure of the R35. The last two parts cover adding exterior parts such as roof, trunk, hood and tires.

The sixth part F shows how to complete the model with detailing parts such as the engine, hood, and back spoiler. The last part marked with G is for using the Cada power pack assembly. The steps in the instructions are easy to follow as the pictures are clear. If you wish to directly build the motorized version, it is advised to check the last part (part G) in advance.


Supercar R35 Build

Closer look: Super Car R35


The smooth lines of Cada R35 add to the fantastic outer appearance of the model. You will be definitely amazed by the exterior and interior details. Cool exterior details to mention are: front hood vents, left/right rearview mirrors, rear bumper spoiler and back rear wing. You can choose between pedestal and whale tale type spoilers. The electroplated wheel rims give the vehicle realistic look. Without doubts, the beautiful appearance of the R35 makes the set, a great display item.


Supercar R35 Outer Look

Supercar R35 Back


The interior design is as well impressive as the outer look of the R35 and inside you will find: dual-tone seats, front cockpit, handbrake, the gear box stick and working steering wheel.


Supercar R35 Interior

Power System

In the manual version, under the hood you will find VR38 6 cylinder engine replica which can be substituted with RB26Dett engine replica. The creators of the set decided to boost the speed of the R35 by adding the nitrogen acceleration tank to the back trunk of the vehicle.


Supercar R35 Engine


The great thing is that detailing parts such as back wing, rear bumper spoiler and the engine are already included and there is no need for additional purchase.


Supercar R35 Back wing & Rear bumper

C61020W Motorized Version



The C61020W manual set itself does not include the power system pack and it requires purchase of Cada power system pack S054-003. A unique thing about Cada power system pack is that this set can be used to motorize many other Cada sets such as: C61018W or C61019W. Another great advantage of Cada power pack is Lego compatibility. The main difference between Cada and Lego RC power system is the connectivity as Cada remote is based on 2.4Ghz system.


Supercar R35 Power Pack S054-003


The Cada R35 set requires an M-Motor, an M-Servo, radio control and LED lights to motorize the vehicle. The model is able to ride forward, reverse and make left or right turns. LED lights are installed in the front and can be turned on and off with one of the radio control buttons.

Cada R35 "Easy Fit" design feature is an interesting feature to mention here, as it allows the builder to install the power system in only 15 minutes. The total weight of the motorized version is 1.07kg.



Cada Super Car R35 is definitely a great choice for brick hobbyists and a nice display set to have. Great design with lots of attention to the details and ability to easily motorize it in 15 minutes is something that not many other Lego alternative companies can be proud of. Also, included detailing parts will spice up building process and will allow the builder to have more fun. Buy Now >>