Celebrating Initial D 's 25th Anniversary

Celebrating Initial D 's 25th Anniversary - Doublee_CaDA

25 Years of Initial D 

Your Favorite Initial D Cars Now Available as Detailed Brick Models

With its aesthetic realism and attention to detail, Shuichi Shigeno’s Initial D has been extremely popular among manga enthusiasts and car lovers alike. The series emphasizes technical accuracy in its depiction of Japanese countryside street racing in 1980’s and 1990’s vehicles. Fans are already very familiar with the handling and technical quirks of the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86, just by watching it zip through Central Japan’s touge mountain passes. The manga masterfully conveys the handling of each vehicle in their exhilarating bouts, even to those who never personally driven one.


The CaDa Bricks Initial D series recreate that exact feeling by faithfully and accurately presenting the vehicles you love as brick models. The Initial D models are licensed by both the manga rights holder and the car makers, giving the models the exact look and feel expected by fans, hobbyist brick builders and car enthusiasts.

The series currently includes Takumi Fujiwara’s iconic Toyota 86 TRUENO, the two Mazda RX7  (FD3S and FC3S) variants driven by the Takahashi brothers, and Takeshi Nakazato’s Nissan Skyline GT-R, all at scale of either 1:12.5 (between 1300 and 1500 bricks), or the smaller 1:24 (up to 300 bricks) scale pieces.


Initial D 1:12.5 vehicle brick models

Detailed and customizable, for display and playing

The 1:12.5 scale models represent the most faithful replications of the main stars of the manga: the cars. The reproductions allow each car to be built into two versions, just as the manga features the vehicle being upgraded over the course of the story. You can recreate your favorite version of your car: pre-upgrade, or post-upgrade.

Balancing aesthetics with the technical, the builder gets to build the models from a brick creator angle for the exterior, with detailed and correctly colored panels for a smooth finish. The interior consists of sophisticated technic style design for real-life functions and systems. The models even allow for installation of a battery box and RC module for remote control, allowing for some real playing action.


Initial D vehicle brick 1:24 brick models

Smaller scale for scene recreation and casual play

The 1:24 scale models offer entry-level brick building for casual enthusiasts of the Initial D manga and car lovers, with each model built with up to 300 pieces. Fans can easily collect the Toyota 86 TRUENO, the Mazda RX-7, as well as the Nissan Skyline GT-r for display and casual building, with accurate dimensions in relation to each other. Each vehicle comes with a collection card.


Initial D scene series

Location, location, location…

Cars play a huge role in Initial D. But they do so against the backdrop of those locations that are crucial to the lives of the different characters. The Initial D Scene series currently provides two of the most central locations that feature in the manga as detailed 1:24 scale brick models: the Fujiwara Tofu Store, the place where Takumi silently honed his prodigal driving skills, and the carpark, the place of key events in the manga.

Both sets are in the same 1:24 scale as the smaller car models, creating wonderful opportunities for diorama builders and collector Initial D fans.


Initial D Character BrickHeads

Collect your favorite characters

Initial D is a story about racing, but it is also a tale of fulfilling your potential and personal growth. You can now collect five characters as a BrickHead model. Takumi Fujiwara, the world’s most famous tofu delivery boy, is accompanied by both of the Takahashi brothers, team Emperor leader Kyoichi Sudo, and Natsuki Mogi, Fujiwara’s girlfriend.

Each BrickHead is extremely characteristic and immediately recognizable for any Initial D fan. And they are great fun to build as well!



Initial D 25th anniversary Bricks


Each Initial D set is an accurate reflection of what makes the manga so loved by its fans, and the accurate depiction the vehicles and the distinctive 80’s style makes the series a true go-to for motoring enthusiasts as well. It is no surprise that Initial D has been a huge success since the launch of the manga in 1995.

Fans will notice that 2020 saw the 25th anniversary of the series. To celebrate this milestone, CaDa bricks therefore includes a limited edition 25th anniversary brick to every set!

Initial D has spawned a devoted fanbase that attempts to recreate the style of the manga in any way. It appeals to manga lovers and car enthusiasts alike. With the CaDa Bricks set, they can now add a fun building toy experience to their hobby.


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