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Love the detail

The most difficult thing in building this is telling the dark color parts apart from each other and whether or not it had a pip (bump) or not. Often skipped ahead a couple steps to compare colors.
A trick I used to place the stickers was cutting a piece of sticker backing and using it temporarily while positioning the sticker.

Martin Valentine
Wonderfut model!

One of the things I have worked and love it!

great set

the design of the build is fantastic, exe sandbox did an amazing job. the building experience was better than i expected. there were numbered bags, good instructions and a nice box. my only problem with set was the tolerances of some of the pieces. some pieces had trouble fitting together (the street light didn’t fit at all) and others were a little loose. overall i would recommend this set, it is definitely worth the price.

Alberto Saito

Simple to build, instructions are clear and looks really good without taking too much space.
A good choice if you have some experience on models of similar size.
Having a real size picture for the longer pieces in the manual would help even further, as they are easy to mix up without a scale of reference.

Beau Van Sickle
Nice set

I really enjoyed the build on this set, the only thing was I had to fabricate a way to hold the telephone pole in place as the wires made it bend.

Absolutely excellent.

There's not many offical lego sets that have fired that spark of joy in me. This set has. It's some how both detailed and understated. It's also the one everyone who visits gravitates to. It's just so beautiful weird yet elegant.

Buildings was a pleasure too. Only one section that I got stuck on when building the main white sign outlined with the black edge. Maybe it's obvious to most, but it was a building technique I haven't encountered before so I had to bank it to the end of the build and then double back for a retry.

I would have also preferred it if the bags we split into smaller sections for building. I like to build a bag at a time and doing the set in just two sections was a lot of bricks and more than I could fit into one session.

Overall though a very good build. Sold me on the coffee shop follow up.

Thankyou to all involved.

Maximilian Godges
Awesome build

Had no problems with DHL on my shipment.... Impressed with the Box art, and overall build was impressive. The Model is packed with alot of little details that is really only noticed during the build process. I did have one clear window that seamed to be damaged from the mold injection process hence the ding... Overall really impressed with the kit and will keep my eyes out for more!

Ricardo Fraga
A very beautiful piece

As soon as I saw the Adam Savage's Tested review I knew I wanted one!

Al B
A Beautiful Piece of Work!

Probably one of the most architecturally beautiful "lego" block set I've bought. The details in this build are really well thought out and the lights perfectly laminate the interior. The lights also can transition to different modes (always on, flicker, slow glow, etc.) to make it feel like the lights are being on and off naturally. Would definitely be happy to put this on display on my shelf.

Shane Humphrey
Great quaint build

Really lovely design. Great building experience. Straight forward instructions. Cant wait for the tofu or bakery down the block.!

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