CaDA Articulated Dump Truck C61054W
CaDA Articulated Dump Truck C61054W
CaDA Articulated Dump Truck C61054W
CaDA Articulated Dump Truck C61054W
CaDA Articulated Dump Truck C61054W
CaDA Articulated Dump Truck C61054W
CaDA Articulated Dump Truck C61054W

CaDA Articulated Dump Truck C61054W

Designed by Eric Trax
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CaDA Articulated Dump Truck, designed by MOCer Eric Trax, is a highly accurate true-to-life scale model. Details in both structure and outlooking are second to none. Every aspect of the truck has been meticulously replicated, from the exterior details of the body to the complex mechanics and functionalities of the engine and body functions.

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Opening the hood reveals a working six-cylinder engine.

The entire body function of the vehicle is controlled remotely.

The forward and backward movement is controlled by the L motor, which drives six-wheel drive, while simultaneously coordinating the piston movement of the simulated engine in the vehicle head, and setting up a six-wheel differential and a central differential.

The lifting and lowering of the truck bed are accomplished by controlling the L motor to drive the large push rod to extend and retract, and the pull rod is linked to open and close the truck bed cover.

The M motor is used to twist the vehicle head by extending and retracting two push rods to achieve the steering function.

Equipped with LED lights installed on the top of the driver's compartment and the rear of the truck, the vehicle lights can be controlled remotely to turn on and off.

A must-have for players who want to explore the world of engineering vehicles and construction

Model Number.: C61054W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 3067

Scale: 1:17

Product Size: L63.2-W19.7-H21cm

Color Box Measure: L56.7-W37.3-H14.6cm

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Customer Reviews

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Anton Chepikov

I got this set for review and man was I impressed!

Not only did Eric Trax do an incredible job designing the set with loads of functions (steering, 6x6 drive, suspension, ~2kg dumping capacity, etc ) the parts are also of exceptional quality. I'd say their overall quality is second only to Lego (most are perfect but some parts have small issues, for example the 2l axles sometimes don't have very much friction.

Perhaps the most impressive thing from the set is the electronics. The motorscare incredibly powerful (stronger than Lego equivalents ( tho they do run louder. The RC system is also much more compact & features a rechargeable battery+ radio control for increased range.

Overall I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of technic &/or RC models 😄 YouTube video placeholder
Clever undercarriage build

Very fun, advanced build with a very clever undercarriage, the finished unit can drive offroad over nearly anything short of a 2 inch drop! Very good balance of Technic pieces plus regular pieces to add finer details, there are a few steps that will require finer dexterity. Finished build makes it all worth it!

Great and valuable set

A very well designed set. High quality bricks and clear instruction. It is also a good sets for parts.

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Tien Do
I hope it's more Technic

I had have a plan to buy this set but then after I watched one of its building video on Youtube recently I changed my mind. I love its articulated steering with linear actuators which doesn't exist in LEGO's 42114 set but this set also uses too many square bricks/plates which makes it much less Technic.

jacob tepper
well done

Beautiful set, very realistic


I am building this with my 6 year-old son and it is great to do together! An amazing feat of engineering!


Beautiful model of the Liebherr TA 230 with great attention to detail, e.g. swing axle, six cylinder engine, raisable engine hood aso.
Fast shipment without extra taxes (to germany). All parts included and there are even some spare parts.
Manual is well illustrated which made the build process really satisfying for me.
The control, battery and motors work just fine. Overall one of the best models I've built so far.

Lars Walker
Sehr gutes Modell

Ein spitzen bausatz in top qualität vollständig und voll funktionstüchtig

Johannes Handschick
Sehr gutes Modell nur die Fernbedienung

Ein tolles Modell. Top Qualität, mindestens Lego Qualität. Nur die Fernbedienung ist leider nicht so toll. Moulding hat inzwischen eine proportionale.

Éric Beaupré
Un des meilleurs modèles que j'ai assemblée. Supérieur au modèle de Lego.

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