CaDA Bricks Fantasma Sports Car | C61048W
CaDA Bricks Fantasma Sports Car | C61048W
CaDA Bricks Fantasma Sports Car | C61048W
CaDA Bricks Fantasma Sports Car | C61048W
CaDA Bricks Fantasma Sports Car | C61048W

CaDA Bricks Fantasma Sports Car | C61048W

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With so many functions the Fantasma (C61048W) offers a very challenging and rewarding experience. This 1/8 scale supercar model includes active all wheel steering, 9-speed gearbox with working V8 engine and independent 4 wheel suspension with swaybars and rear stabaizer. The model also features opening deck lids and a 3 way door lever to control the doors with automatically folding mirrors. Underneath the car you will find functional front spoiler that allows to adjust the front ride height for reduced turbulence. It doesn't stop there though; extra features include removable roof, adjustable seats and  rear wing.

With this high level of functionality comes a challenging and rewarding experience which simply makes C61048W set a must have for any supercar enthusiast.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
good build, lots to like

I have been building Lego Technic style vehicles for a while. Wanted to see how the Cada sets hold up. This was a very challenging and technical build I took me around 30 hours. All the pieces were there and the feel is much like original Lego bricks. Everything fit as it should. I will be displaying the model so it isn't too big of a deal, but the doors don't seem to work. that said, the engineering built in to open the front/rear decks is genius. Some negative spots, some of the illustrations are a little confusing and took me a while to figure out. One big thing on the manual was that 1/2 way through bag 7 it changes to the second volume. they should have each section complete in a single manual. I will most definitely purchase another model as it was a lot of fun to build.

jacob tepper
amazing car

Amazing build, sweet car.

Robert Saul
Very challenging, very rewarding.

Delivery to the United States was fast and package arrived in perfect condition.
A few Minor errors in the manual. Really enjoyed this build. Looking forward to
the next one.

Patrick Hale
Leider mit Mängeln

War von vielen positiven Berichten vom Modell angetan, leider hat es einige Probleme.
Bauanleitung ist sehr schlecht da bin ich von CaDA besseres gewohnt. Z.B. einige Male muss geraten werden wo welcher Pin reingehört, schlechte Ansicht könnte echt besser sein. Die Lenkung (4RadLenkung) über so viele Zahnräder funktioniert auch nicht perfekt. Viele Panels waren Verdreckt bzw. stark verkratzt (wahrscheinlich mieser Transport). Endergebnis ist aber ein tolles Fahrzeug.

Martin von Geniales Tuning
Großartiges Technic Modell

Wir dürfen mal wieder CaDA zu Recht beweihräuchern!
Denn, mit dem Technic Model C 61048W haben sie es mal wieder geschafft und haben ein sagenhaftes Modellauto auf die Räder gestellt, das einfach nur faszinierend ist! Hier stimmt neben Qualität auch Preis-Leistung bezüglich, was wir an sensationell vielen Teilen bekommen. Meiner Meinung nach sind sie im Technic Bereich der Klemmbausteine auf der Pole Position! Mag sein, dass sie mit dem MOC von Dugald Cameron zwar keine Lizenz für einen Supersportwagen bekommen haben. Denn der Designer hat sich an der Silhouette des Koenigseeg Jesko orientiert, der wohl der Nachfolger des Agera wird. Der Bolide ist wirklich ein tolles Modell, was man als Auto-Fan in die Vitrine stellen sollte. Und nicht nur wegen der vielen Funktionen, die das Fahrzeug innehat. YouTube video placeholder

Saw it, loved it, watched the speed build on youtube. It looks to be a very good set. Placed my order and Im just waiting to arrive home. I'll be back as soon as I complete the set and provide you photos even a short video.

peter smyth
Very cool build !!

This is a very well put together MOC. All the features work perfectly and it looks great when finished. Lots of fun to build and is modular in structure. You also need a bit of building experience for this set to be completed. All in all a great set!!

Markus Carlsohn

Sehr schnelle Lieferung und ein schönes Modell.