CaDA Fantasma Sports Car C61048W
CaDA Fantasma Sports Car C61048W
CaDA Fantasma Sports Car C61048W
CaDA Fantasma Sports Car C61048W
CaDA Fantasma Sports Car C61048W
CaDA Fantasma Sports Car C61048W

CaDA Fantasma Sports Car C61048W

Designed by Dugald Cameron
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Experience the ultimate thrill with the CaDA Master Fantasma Racing Car, a 1/8 scale supercar that promises an extraordinary experience. To enhance the manipulation experience of dynamic models, it is equipped with an Active All-Wheel Steering system and an independent wheel suspension system with a sway bar and rear stabilizer.

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This supercar model features an openable deck lid, tri-axle door pillar, and automatic folding rearview mirror, making it a work of art that showcases the finest design elements.

Rear triple suspension system (buffering, shock absorption, and force transmission)

Front and rear hood opening and closing: control the opening and closing of the front and rear hoods by installing a tail knob

Door opening and closing: 3-stage gear, separately controlling the left rotating door to open, the right rotating door to open, and both doors to open simultaneously

Continuously Variable Transmission: 8 gears, shift gears by wobbling the lever. When in high gear, the rear wheels can be steered.

Speed brake control: The front of the car can adjust the swing of the bottom diffuser by adding a control knob.

Quick-release roof cover can be switched to convertible mode

Challenge high difficulty: This building block racing car model is specially designed for supercar fans, and the 4346-piece kit can take you several hours or even days to assemble.

Model Number.: C61048W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 4346

Scale: 1:8

Product Size: L62-W26.5-H17cm

Color Box Measure: L56.7-W17.8-H37.3cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Juan Carlos
Great Build

My first CaDA, great build! The quality of the pieces is extraordinary, the design is outstanding, but... in the instructions for me, larger images could be better, it is not easy to build, so I think more images of how it goes, make a lot of difference. It was really good experience !

Ryan H.
A difficult but amazing set.

The instructions are difficult and the build is difficult. When building you have to make sure that all the exposed axles are at a 90 degree angle whenever possible just in case. Also there are interesting and difficult building techniques that you would probably never find in a lego set. But the end results looks amazing and the functions are also extremely impressive. It's mostly structurally stable and not that fragile. There are some non-technic bricks on the sides but won't fall off that easily.

I have written a more indepth review here: (The review is in the comment section)

Alvyn Louis
10/10 this set is...

Indeed a Masterpiece on this one and everything felt like real when it goes to Function & Design of this Hypercar....

Amazon level shipping speed to california

After buying i received my order the next day honestly shocked at the speed. Five stars

good build, lots to like

I have been building Lego Technic style vehicles for a while. Wanted to see how the Cada sets hold up. This was a very challenging and technical build I took me around 30 hours. All the pieces were there and the feel is much like original Lego bricks. Everything fit as it should. I will be displaying the model so it isn't too big of a deal, but the doors don't seem to work. that said, the engineering built in to open the front/rear decks is genius. Some negative spots, some of the illustrations are a little confusing and took me a while to figure out. One big thing on the manual was that 1/2 way through bag 7 it changes to the second volume. they should have each section complete in a single manual. I will most definitely purchase another model as it was a lot of fun to build.

Christopher Tobolski
Good but not great!

Having built all of the large Technic sets, I have a good base to judge from. First, the packaging is beautiful, easily equal to Lego. The pieces really feel good but aren’t quite the same quality, I had a couple broken ones. The bags aren’t separated nearly as well either. The directions are ok but not always clear. The build itself is very complex. Far more than even the newest Technic builds. Some of the techniques were cool to see but others felt too complex to be described easily. Overall I like the finished product but I’m not sure I’d order another or build it again.

John J.

It was a joy to assemble this unique car. While some instructions were a bit unclear, the overall assembly was enjoyable. The result is fantastic, and my friends are impressed with the level of detail.

Gregory D.
What a fantastic model!

It came together nicely, and I had a blast building it. The instructions were decent, though there were a few moments where it wasn't entirely clear where a certain section should be fitted. But I managed to figure it out in the end. Overall, a great experience!

Adam S.

The Jesko is a very great and beautiful car. I had a lot of fun building it, but the model is not for beginners, I sometimes found it difficult with some construction steps.
Most of the parts are in great condition but a couple of the outer fairings had a few stains on them and I found the Bendable Rubber Poles (JR30320002) for example I noticed that they aren't always cut the same length even though it's the same length(11)!
However, I do not find the lack here so dramatic. I am very happy with the model.

Francisco Soto
Awsome kit

This kit is huge was not expecting it to be this good. Excellent model.