CaDA Buckingham Palace C61501W
CaDA Buckingham Palace C61501W
CaDA Buckingham Palace C61501W
CaDA Buckingham Palace C61501W
CaDA Buckingham Palace C61501W
CaDA Buckingham Palace C61501W
CaDA Buckingham Palace C61501W

CaDA Buckingham Palace C61501W

Designed By Tobias Thieme
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With its unique design and intricate details, the CaDA Buckingham Palace Suite is the perfect way to pay homage to one of the world's most famous palaces. The design of this suite captures the grandeur of the original architecture and will leave you in awe. Whether you are a history enthusiast or an architecture collector, this work will surely leave a lasting impression on you.

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This suite includes the primary bedrooms and offices of the Queen of London, as well as one of the venues for British national ceremonies and royal welcomes.

Neoclassical architectural style, including walls (fences, hanging lamps), three iconic arches, exquisite carved patterns on the eaves, the rear clock, and the British flag.

Solemn and dignified, as if taking you into the center of British symbolic power.

Model Number.: C61501W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 5604

Product Size: L83.2-W38.4-H23.2cm

Color Box Measure: L46.6-W36.9-H29.5cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Five ster

This set is a great build it all fits perfectly the bricks are excellent quality and instructions are easy to follow now I’m adding to it. Thank you.

Stephan Sonnleitner
Really impressive

Positively surprised by the quality of CaDa's Tellurian bricks, I took the plunge to purchase Buckingham Palace. Honestly, the design could have come straight from Billund, it's really well thought out. The quality of the bricks is also in no way inferior to that from Denmark. The fit is precise, everything holds together well, and no special effort is required when pressing together. The bricks are absolutely consistent in color, which is no longer a matter of course even for the Danes. I have the model next to Tower Bridge and the Palace of Westminster from Lego, and overall it harmonises wonderfully: the same quality for less than half the money. The packaging is high-quality, in the large, elegant outer box there are six more noble boxes with the individual construction phases. The printed instructions with 450 pages are also great. Every section, no matter how small, is explained in detail, there are no questions, as with some other providers from China.
I would have three suggestions for improvement: The model consists of six construction phases, which are packed in six boxes. With a total of 5,604 parts, a section consists of around 1,000 bricks, with the sets from Denmark we would probably have 30 to 40 bags, so much less searching. Also, the "general bricks" like floor tiles etc. are packed in some boxes, so you have to empty everything and find them before you can start building. A note in the instructions on where to find these parts would be helpful here. The third point only relates to one component, namely the flag on the building, it would just be very nice if you could print on it and not work with stickers.
But all in all a perfect set, I hope there will be another famous attraction from CaDa Master soon!

Brian T.

While the build presented some challenges, the parts supply was flawless with everything included. The final result is rewarding and will keep me engaged during my three months of being wheelchair-bound.

Magnificent building

As an adult bricks enjoyer, I really need to say that this set puts CADA in the same league as Lego. And I truly love that fact.

Impressive build

First CaDA model and very favourably impressed by the quality of the build and precision of the bricks. It will be used for a Coronation display and I'm hoping to custom light it. On that it would be good if CaDA had a lighting partner, in this case for example internal lighting plus red white a blue spots on rotation would be amazing. My only minor quibble with the model is the rather bizarre number of bags for the whole build randomly distributed in the packaging alongside numbered bags that do follow the instructions, although the link between the two is not clear. I'd also recommend you go for more smaller tiles for the forecourt in future editions, there is a risk of these larger panels bending as they heat and cool in sunlight. But all in all an amazing model that will delight the local kids when displayed in May.

Senile Bob
Fantastic Model

Being an AFOL for 40+ year's I have accumulated a large Lego collection and many ' one off ' models. In all that time I have been looking for a realistic version of the Buckingham Palace. Then I found what looked a realistic version in CaDFI Master collection. Ok, was not cheap, but for 5604 pieces it was in comparison to Lego, reasonable priced, so with both feet in, I ordered it.
For that I have NO REGRETS, it was, and is a remarkable model. I can not fault anything whether fitting of the parts, the 7 manuals included, or the finished product.
The only advise I will give is, in parts it can be a fragile build at some stages, but it eventually a extremely solid build.
Praise must to to the designer: Tobias Theme, and to the manufacturer's well produced parts.
All of you should be proud.
Enjoy life. Bob Sangster.