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Customer Reviews

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Perfect! 👌🏻

Everything fine with this Purchase!!!
Shipment arrived during 10 Business days and
Tracking was also Perfect.

I‘m exciting to build up my First CADA set.
It looks like much fun!!!

Kind regards from Germany 🙋🏻‍♂️

tim lambert

need more variety of colors, too many black internal peices, makes very hard to build. also instructions were too cluttered, not very well layed out.

maybe just have 1 or 2 steps per page, not 5 or 6.

also maybe only 2 instruction books not 5 WTF

Kenneth Meincke
Super great

My third Master car build. Very nice and all works well except the tail lights from start up. Does anyone know where to buy replacement ?

Steven Hotston
Can't review what I don't have

Would really like to review this car but as I ordered it last month and it hasn't even shipped yet I find reviewing it kind of hard to do.

Great technic model

The model is great, all the functions work as advertised, remote control is intuitive, and unboxing was Apple-level.

Brickfan Vienna
In my Opinion the best technic set in the brick world.

I am really happy that I could get one of these. An absolute great set - great functions. I made a review on my german YouTube channel. YouTube video placeholder
Patrick Roosen
Master series 61043 Ferrari CaDa


Ik heb onlangs de niet gemotoriseerde versie, C61043, aangekocht. Momenteel ben ik nog bezig met de bouw van de prachtige Lamborgini. Ik heb wel een pakket motorisatie apart aangekocht van CaDa. Is het mogelijk om een handleiding te downloaden die het mij mogelijk maakt mijn versie C61043 gemotoriseerd te bouwen?

Alvast met veel dank!

Thanks for your support~ C61042W is C61043W with motorization, you can download the manual of C61042W on our official website .

John Foster
Best challenging fun in a long time!

I tried one of Legos "Adult" kits before this one and it wasn't hard at all. This car was AWESOME! Love how detailed it is, everything works. Steering wheel turns when you turn the car, shifting works, lights, forward/reverse... I want to thank the designers of this and will continue to purchase your difficult kits. Please keep designing new challenging kits and I will keep buying them. Lastly, I am a tech guy, but I am amazed at the skill it took to design this car, make so everything works right while still looking like a car, and creating excellent documentation and packaging.

Dominic Wirth
Best Technic Modell ever had

Lots of functions and every step is so much fun to do

Daniel Stieger
The Italian Supercar C61042W is a very nice car!

The Italian Supercar C61042W is a very nice car. Good and understandable instructions. The parts are very high quality.

Thank you for your love and support to CaDA! We will continue to work hard to create more good works!

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