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John Foster
Best challenging fun in a long time!

I tried one of Legos "Adult" kits before this one and it wasn't hard at all. This car was AWESOME! Love how detailed it is, everything works. Steering wheel turns when you turn the car, shifting works, lights, forward/reverse... I want to thank the designers of this and will continue to purchase your difficult kits. Please keep designing new challenging kits and I will keep buying them. Lastly, I am a tech guy, but I am amazed at the skill it took to design this car, make so everything works right while still looking like a car, and creating excellent documentation and packaging.

Dominic Wirth
Best Technic Modell ever had

Lots of functions and every step is so much fun to do

Daniel Stieger
The Italian Supercar C61042W is a very nice car!

The Italian Supercar C61042W is a very nice car. Good and understandable instructions. The parts are very high quality.

Thank you for your love and support to CaDA! We will continue to work hard to create more good works!

Marcel Schuler
Great Set

The best technic set i ever have build. a must have for every technic fan.

Thank you for your love and support to CaDA! We will continue to work hard to create more good works!

Arrived perfectly and quickly

So far I've only unboxed this set as I have other builds ahead of it, but I'll say that the packaging looks amazing!

James Czech
Nice Results!

The kit was really enjoyable to assemble and the finished result looks amazing. The six instruction books were quite clear for the most part and they were a lot easier to handle than one or two giant size books. I have assembled large car kits from LEGO and this kit can stand with the best of them in appearance. The design is very smooth looking without any large gaps that are evident in some other kits. There were no missing parts and a lot of various extra parts were provided.

Ramith Fonseka
Truly stunning model!

This model beats out every other supercar I've seen from other brick manufacturers- even the mighty Lego supercars.

The design is beautiful, with many complex angles coming together to create the smooth lines of the bodywork. I built this with a friend and we were constantly impressed with how much time and pieces would go into creating a single angle- but it is all worth it. The details are just top-notch and the car is the best looking I have seen so far.
The features are also very impressive, especially the smaller features like the opening door handles and the paddles which shift with the gears. The suspension works great as well and despite the large amount of gears in the drivetrain, the whole model rolls very smoothly. Part quality is good too, only had an issue with two or three parts not gripping tightly enough but there were plenty of spares. There was also a bad print on the black and white roof panel- nothing else.

I love this model and would have been an easy five stars if not for one problem- dear Cada, I hope you address this somehow- the car has not been properly modified to be non- RC. I was quite frustrated when I found out that after building for quite some time, my non- RC version did not connect the paddle shifters despite the mechanism already being built! It was simple to correct this problem- but I had to spend an annoying hour checking online and disassembling the model to get to the mod. Also, the gear shifter knob was clearly only meant to be an indicator in the RC model- it constantly jumps out of place when force is needed to shift gears. Another simple fix in your instructions, but I was too far in the build when I noticed this to correct it.

So just bear these in mind if like me you want to get the non-RC version. I would still highly, HIGHLY recommend this model. Hats off to Bruno Jensen for his design, and to CADA for supporting him and creating the quality parts. Well done, and I look forward to all your future creations!

Jan Charouz
Very good!

Both the instructions and the set is very good! The overall design is great and the build is fun. The only issue was one piece that was miscast and unfortunately, there were no spares from this piece. The only thing that would make it better would be the bag sorting. Clearly identify when to open the next number bag.

Jon G. Montilla
Amazing presentation!!

What an exceptional set, especially with the retail box included. The entire presentation is wonderful!! It is worth it to pay extra to get everything with the set, as it was designed, not just the manual, stickers and bags. Double E, you hit this product out of the park, thank you!!!

René Daher
Absolutely stunning

Many thanks to Cada and Bruno the designer for bringing this package to us. It was so much fun to build this. If you’re experienced with technic sets you won’t have a problem with the building process.
The model itself is just beautiful. I have a smile on my face every time I pass my display case where the model is placed :)
Haven’t had a single issues with the quality of the parts.

Our smile appears on our face every time hearing the happiness from our customers with our products. Thank you for sharing!

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