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CaDA Italian Red Supercar C61042W & C61043W

CaDA Italian Red Supercar C61042W & C61043W

Designed by Bruno
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Get ready with this exquisitely crafted CaDA Italian Red Supercar. Designed by MOCer Bruno, this model is definitely the most iconic supercar of all time. With its 1:8 scale model and highly-restored details, this toy is the ultimate collector's item for Italian sports car enthusiasts and racing fans.

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This car features front and rear independent suspension systems, and four wheels equipped with independent suspension and shock absorbers, which can reduce body tilt and vibration, providing a smooth driving experience.

Appreciate the Details: Assemble the details slowly, such as the engine compartment/center console/steering wheel/left and right rearview mirrors/double seats/gear lever

Start the Car: V10 cylinder engine, simulated car transmission system design

Remote Control Function: Remote control the vehicle to go forward, backward, directionally steer left and right, remote control multi-speed function, front and rear car lights with LED light control display function, and control the LED light switch

Manual Function: Manually open and close the front hood, lockable car door control, manually open and close the rear engine hood

Challenge High Difficulty: This brick-built sports car model is specially designed for supercar fans. Go enjoy the feeling of achievement when you finish this set of 3187 pieces!

Perfect Gift: The ultimate collector's item for Italian sports car enthusiasts and car fans.

Model Number.: C61042W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 3187

Scale: 1:8

Product Size: L52-W25-H13cm

Color Box Measure: L56.7-W14.6-H37.3cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Motor wires

Motor wires aren’t long enough to reach power supply. Reached out to the seller because this is obviously a manufactured error in the motor wire length, and they offered no resolution. I’ve purchased multiple brick sets from this company but I won’t be purchasing any more.

Jakob W. Poulsen

I simply love this product. Fantastic build.
Received within 2 weeks. I have nothing but good to say about this product. Fun to build. Instructions easy to understand.

Beautiful Build

This was a fantastic build and great looking model. This was my second Cada product after the supercar 770-4, and you can definitely see the huge difference between the designers, while both are gorgeous. This model was way more relaxing and nowhere near as frustrating as that model. Fun building techniques were used and the interior was very detailed compared to other models I have built. I am now a big Bruno fan after building this model. I did get the non motorized version, because I typically display my models and have no need for motors. I received this model pretty quickly within a week of ordering. No missing parts, with extra parts. Excellent packaging, and instructions were no problem. Definitely recommend for those car builders out there.

Bill Rosenberg

Loved the Price, exceptional value for money, delivery, outstanding, presentation, instructional Manuals, a gain very high quality and informative.
Any chance of pdf. Copy, sometimes easier for us old weathered senior builders ? Loved the discrete numbering of the components, that is a first for me, BUT, I was not aware till towards the end, it is generally very easy to identify the parts, maybe make mention in Book 1 at the beginning.
Yes, to some degree it does not like being handled, some components dislodge easily BUT, it is not a toy, it is a Display Model. Very fiddly and difficult in some places to assemble, I agree, the Dash was the best I have ever seen by far in any Lego Models.

Nhan Le
So worth it

I didn't expect much from a strange brand, but it is completely amazing. Good price for a set like this. Also the support chat is supportive, guide me through a lot of problems. Love it <3

Allan White
Very satisfying build

I've build some very large lego products including a complete lego train layout. I really look forward to building new products and was very impatient waiting for my CaDFI c61042w to arrive. It did come in a reasonable time frame 2 weeks. I'm just not good a waiting. I watched Brunoj's video fixes and made notes so I could do the fixes during the build and they worked great. I can't begin to describe how much fun I had building this Super Car. It took me 8 days working off and on when I had time. It's not an easy build with all the very small parts and so many black sections. I had to use a magnifying glass and flash light in many cases to verify that I was following the instructions correctly. It turned out very beautiful and functional and I'm very proud of it. It's not without some minor issues - like parts that are too tight or too loose. Sometimes I tested lots of different pieces together to get the connection I was happy with. It made the build a little more tedious but also more satisfying. The was one instance where putting a piece in backward worked much better with the next piece. I got tired of so much black so I added a couple of yellow pieces in the engine compartment. Kind of the keep the yellow pistons company (see picture). Ok I've rambled on long enough. Bottom line - "I love this car" I'm Adding a video on me running it. Enjoy Oh by the way Thanks Bruno


Received the package within 2 weeks of order in A1 condition. A challenging but successful build. The instructions were clear, but for me, in a few instances, were confusing. Perhaps to do with my eyesight. All the parts were included with extras. I did find that the grey connectors were not as sure as they could have been. The cross axle element was enclosed of the part. The motorised kit/lights worked first time. Not too many stickers which is a good thing. Like the wheels, particularly the directional tyre grooves. A nice touch. All together, a super introduction to high end car building at a reasonable price.

The anticipation is overwhelming :-o

I have not received the package yet as apparently it is still in China. It is already two full weeks from placing my order and I am still getting excited every day like a little child looking forward to see any update on the delivery or suprisingly receiving the box. Maybe one day I will run out of happy hormones, but till then I take it as part of the experience. It was meant as present, so the other one is already sad, but I keep being optimistic.

Perfect! 👌🏻

Everything fine with this Purchase!!!
Shipment arrived during 10 Business days and
Tracking was also Perfect.

I‘m exciting to build up my First CADA set.
It looks like much fun!!!

Kind regards from Germany 🙋🏻‍♂️

Brickfan Vienna
In my Opinion the best technic set in the brick world.

I am really happy that I could get one of these. An absolute great set - great functions. I made a review on my german YouTube channel. YouTube video placeholder