CaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029W
CaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029W
CaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029W
CaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029W
CaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029W
CaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029W

CaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991 C55029W

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Model Number: C55029W
Pieces: 242
Scale: 1:24
Product Size: L17.5-W7.4-H4cm
Color Box Measure: L26.2-W14.1-H7.2cm

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MAZDACaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029WCaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029WCaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029WCaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029WCaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029WCaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029WCaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029WCaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029WCaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029WCaDA MAZDA 787B (#18) 1991  C55029W

Customer Reviews

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Me resultó increible que Cada sacase ese legendario 787B de las 24h de Lemans, aunque no tiene una decoración muy conocida, pero el coche en sí en precioso.
Muy buenos detalles. Muchas pegatinas ( 35 ) las pegatinas de los neumáticos veremos a ver que tal aguantan, creo que es el único punto débil.
Las técnicas para realizar las formas del coche me han resultado muy interesantes.
Para mi gusto falta una mini figura que acompañe el coche, pero quitando eso es excelente!

Giacomo Gorna
Mazda 787B

Just finished this little beauty here! The model is pretty accurate, with some nice building connections. In my opinion there are only 2 main defects: the blue of stickers doesn't match the blue of some pieces; the rear wheels are not attached in a secure way: just a little pressure on the rear and they fell off...
Anyway, the model looks great and I'm happy with it! 🤩

Karsten Kurtze
Could be great without stickers

Superb bricks, perfect instructions, nice build. Placing all the stickers on this little car is punishment. Please CaDA, start using prints.

Marcus Horn
Disappointing Set

It is a good looking set and has nice building techniques. But there are serious issues in this Model. Every detail on the car are stickers, also the windshield. And the windshield sticker is not covering white. It looks so strange.
Another thing is the building technique with the angle on the side. It is an illegal technique which not really stays in position.

Benny Moeller
Great looking model and very close to the original car

The model is a very good representation of the original with some good details, and a nice model to have on the shelf.
Build experience is good, and for people used to LEGO there are some surprises, since CaDA has quite a few pieces in their assortment that dont exist in LEGO - e.g. the 1x2 plate with studs on both sides is a very useful piece to have.
The finished model looks great, except for the grey instead of white cockpit area, and the blue accents done with a combo of pieces and stickers (color match on the stickers are not perfect - specially the supposed opacity of the white on the transparent stickers suffer). Some of the stickers cover multiple pieces - something LEGO stopped doing more than 10 years ago.

- Score: 8 of 10 (the transparent white windscreen stickers detracts from the score, otherwise it would have been a solid 9)

I like the model and am glad that i bought it. I can recommend it to everybody who likes to build stuff, except for the hardcore LEGO purists: this is not LEGO, stay away from it - but then you'll never know what you have missed :)

Oliver Morris
Mazda 787B

Really good quality product arrived within a few and good building experience will be purchasing from here again


Love race Car

787B is a great kit!

First CaDA 8 stud kit I've built and it was a lovely kit to build. A couple of pieces had minor inclusions of what appears to be plastic "dust" but they all were covered by another piece or a sticker so wasn't a huge problem. Half a star off for that. Not one missing piece, and not one additional piece either. Instructions were clear and precise, but you must be careful as they add a lot more pieces per page then the major competitor. I have a love/hate relationship with stickers. They add a lot of detail but can be fussy and white over transparent never covers well. But at this price point I don't expect pad printing. The print quality of the stickers is good. Thin enough to wrap around curves and an aggressive adhesive. One burnished down, they will be a fight to get off. Overall a very pleasant build of one of my favourite race cars, and fits perfectly with my Speed Champions collection. A 1:10 scale in the original livery would be awesome! Since I can't do 4.5 stars, it gets rounded up to 5.


Excellent set. High quality parts and stickers. Awesome replica of the real car. Please make more cars...different liveries and more variety in the same scale. Would be nice to include a minifigure. You give Lego a run for their money, same quality for half the price

Kamen Angelov
Extremely impressed with the Details

I am incredibly impressed with how well this product is. From the details when building to the stickers. Truly an amazing set for the price. I’m looking at getting a technics set soon. I can guarantee the quality will be 10/10.