CaDA Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W
CaDA Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W
CaDA Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W
CaDA Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W
CaDA Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W
CaDA Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W
CaDA Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W

CaDA Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W

CaDA Mercedes-AMG ONE Official License
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Introducing the AMG ONE: a meticulously crafted 1:8 scale replica of the iconic hypercar. This remarkable model comes complete with Michelin-authorized custom tires, adding an unparalleled level of authenticity. Painstakingly designed by Bruno and the visionary CaDA team over a span of three years, this collectible motorized sports car seamlessly integrates a multitude of original parts. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and performance with the CaDA hypercar - the AMG ONE.

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Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W adopts a unique and innovative "ejection start" gameplay that is unprecedented in bricks products. At the same time, the vehicle series functions and gameplay are restored, including: equipped with dual-motor four-wheel drive for strong power, remote control of butterfly wing door opening and closing linked to tail wing lifting, remote control vehicle steering linked to F1-style rectangular steering wheel, rear V6 engine linked to remote operation, remote control of front and rear 6 Each lighting group forms a matrix eye of the soul, and all four wheels are equipped with independent suspension shock absorbers.

Exclusive Mercedes-Benz AMG ONE "shark fin spoiler, F1 racing air intake, 10-spoke forged wheels, Michelin tires" and other new building block appearance configurations, the whole body of the vehicle is printed with high-definition building blocks, which highly restores the vehicle details and interior.

Model Number.: C61503W
Difficulty: High
Pieces: 3295
Scale: 1:8
Product Size: L55-W22-H16cm
Color Box Measure: L56.7-W37.3-H14.6cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Very impressive

Somewhat skeptical buying off Lego brand since I'm a newbee to the hobby. This is my third "super car" build and first from CaDA, I couldn't be happier with the quality. The packaging was way beyond expectations. Numbered boxes and great graphics. Numbered bags inside and clear directions is making this the most fun build I've had yet. Love how many pieces and how complicated the build is. Exactly what I was looking for.


Cette voiture est genial, je n’en suis qu’à la boîte 3 et je n’ai pas envie que ça s’arrête, le seul point négatif que l’on peu amener, est que les tous les câbles des moteurs comme des lampes sont assez difficiles à attacher et ranger correctement, mais Cada ne peux pas y faire grand chose, et elle reste tout de même énormément détaillé!! Si vous hésitez foncez!!! (Je n’ai pas de photos de l’avancée actuelle de ma voiture)

Dmitriy Filippov
Fantastic model

One of the most solid builds from CaDa

Neil Clarke

Absolutely amazing model, great value for money , quick postage.

António Ferreira
A beautiful challenge

The built experience it’s awesome! When you start to
Build it you understand the solid structure! Beautiful looking!
The only thing that is bad was the pdf instructions that I couldn’t find anywhere!

Best of 1:8 supercars

Just finished the bulid.
CADA just shows off. They show how a licensed car is meant to be. Embarrasing for lego.

But one after another.
The bulid: it was quite challengin and after the cada apollo ie the second hardest supercar build for me so far. Take your time and do some breaks...if you made a mistake its hard to correct your mistake. Cable management could be better in the description but for exerienced builder no problem.

Colours: just perfect threwout the model. Its a very clean build, no blue pins, black and grey, except the one frame which you see on the under site. I dont know why this is red!? Maybe some people dont like the colour of the model but cada did a perfect job to make a lookalike to the original.

Price: you get 5 motors, 1 pullback motor, a remote controll, 2 licenses, a beautifull model, a beautiful building experience...for 275€...def. OK
Compare this price to lego and what they deliver for this money.

1.)there is one thing missing for me to make it perfect and give a 10/10...a transmission. Its the only thing missing for me
2.)the pins/crosspins, dont know the exact name, many of them a pretty loose on the crossside when you connect them. Most of the time its no problem because who have also other connection which holds them in place, but at some points you have try to use different pins to find one which fits perfect.

Conclusion: 9/10 best supercar i ever saw so far. Dont regret to buy it. Way better than any lego supercar!!! What a job made by Cada

Sandeep Burmi
Mercedes AMZ ONE - AMaZing 1 !!

Very nice set by CaDA, love the design and how well and amazing it looks. One of my favourite super cars. Bruno Jenson has done a great job in capturing all details. I want his sign on the built set, that’s how much it love it. Ordered another set from CaDA. Can’t wait to build it. Please do more collaborations and have more licensed super cars CaDA.

Josh Cordova
What a beautiful design

If you are into building cars or into cars, this is the one!! Had a great time building this set and shoutout to the designers for such a beautiful build!

Must buy

Great product with attention to detail. Must have for car collectors and AMG owners.


Ein super Modell. Die Lieferzeit war super schnell für die Entfernung, hätte auch mit mehr Tagen gerechnet. Gut fand ich auch die sendungsverfolgung. Ich werde auf jedenfall wieder hier was bestellen, da es auch günstiger ist als beim Händler in Deutschland. 👍