CaDA RUF CTR Yellowbird C62003W
CaDA RUF CTR Yellowbird C62003W
CaDA RUF CTR Yellowbird C62003W
CaDA RUF CTR Yellowbird C62003W
CaDA RUF CTR Yellowbird C62003W
CaDA RUF CTR Yellowbird C62003W

CaDA RUF CTR Yellowbird C62003W

RUF Official License. Designed by Artemy Zotov.
Regular price$99.99

Officially licensed from RUF Yellowbird which has always been one of the household names in the foreign car modification industry, representing excellent technology, authenticity, passion and driving pleasure.

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Can be manually controlled forward and backward, the steering wheel is linked to the steering, and the front trunk can be opened with storage space inside. The rear hood can be opened to reveal engine linkage and rich engine details. The doors can be opened to reveal the rich details of the cabin. Front and rear independent suspension with shock absorber function.

Model Number: C62003W. Difficulty: Medium. Pieces: 1515. Scale: 1:12. Product Size: L37-W18-H12cm. Color Box Measure: L46-W10.5-H38cm.

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Customer Reviews

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Simply Stunning

This was an amazing experience. The package arrived quickly and was not damaged.

The packaging is very good for this price point. I was very impressed by the unboxing experience. Highlights are embossed outer box, inner boxes and artwork as well as individually bagged elements such as the windscreen and wheels.

The build was very engaging. Lots of very clever techniques are used to build the drivetrain including the rear-mounted flat 6 engine, steering and independent suspension at all four corners.

The final product looks even better in person than it does on the box. The blend of technic-style parts with a beautifully clean exterior makes the RUF CTR both strong, and gorgeous.

- Great price.
- Beautiful packaging.
- Individual bags for wheels and windows to avoid scratches.
- Highly engaging build.
- Amazing looking model.

- Build is tricky at some points. An 8 year old would definitely need help.
- Mould issue on 6x6 black plate. Did not affect build.
- Clutch strength issue on the provided steering wheel (falls off extremely easily).

Overall, an excellent set. My first CaDA set and I couldn't be happier. A very good job by the designer and production team with a few small areas for improvement on the production side. YouTube video placeholder
Stephen Yang

Honestly some parts were a bit difficult but the quality was a LOT better than I was expecting and it’s a sick looking build.

A nice pair with a the small one.

Great set, just the right size. very well put together. Looks great beside my other RUF CTR in smaller scale.

Very cool model

like it a lot. would be even better without the sickers....but i guess at this price point it is fine.