CaDA SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle C59021W
CaDA SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle C59021W
CaDA SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle C59021W
CaDA SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle C59021W
CaDA SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle C59021W
CaDA SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle C59021W

CaDA SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle C59021W

Suzuki KATANA Official License
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SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle is a KATANA "blade" authorized by genuine Suzuki. It is based on a sports street car. The slender and sharp body lines have become the highlight of the vehicle design, and the katana elements are integrated into it. The scale is 1:6.

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SUZUKI Katana Motorcycle comes with two different sets of display stands and maintenance platforms, allowing consumers to choose and assemble it according to their preferences.
The transparent engine links the rear wheels to restore the real mechanical transmission structure;
The front wheel simulates large-scale steering, flexible control, and excellent playing feel.
Exclusive molded parts: The front exterior parts are produced under the official supervision of Suzuki and highly restore the original car shape. Comes with nameplate: Genuine authorized nameplate.

Model Number: C59021W
Difficulty: Medium
Pieces: 1104
Scale: 1:6
Product Size: L35.1-W13.7-H21.8cm
Color Box Measure: L38-W9-H30cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Overall fun build

The pieces were all good quality and the model looks pretty good. There were however some odd choices making it less scale than it could be. Rake is way off, double shocks in back, 2 brake discs on the rear wheel (literally nobody does this). The engine is a v4 rather than an i4. Sometimes this is done because it's easier to package in a model this size but the choice to mount it longitudinally in a chain drive bike is especially strange.

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Tien Do
Nice motorcycle but a bit fragile

I just finished it today, actually I prefer this Katana over recent Yamaha from LEGO. Generally it's a nice motorcycle with highly detail design. There are something I don't like such as some parts are fragile e.g. license plate and the mechanism to hold it (on the left side); right mirror is not be able to adjust to a wider angle as the left one. There're some minor issues with parts (images), red color is inconsistent. And step B60 uses a wrong pin.

Paolo Peloso

This model Is a perfect reproduction of Suzuki Katana.

Robert Peters

This was an excellent build and Inspend about 4 days to build at about 3 hrs a day. Only I like to comment on was the engine on the model is was a V4, actually the 2022 Katana has a inline four cylinder engine.

Luis P.
A fantastic set for motorcycle enthusiasts!

It makes for a great gift for anyone who loves motorcycles. The building process was incredibly enjoyable and engaging.

Troy S.

As with every build, I spread it over a couple of days. This one took me about 6 days, spending 1 to 3 hours on average each time. It was a satisfying construction, and I love the end result! 🏍️🏍️🏍️

Aspen Morris

Similar to the other bike, I found this build to be highly enjoyable with its unique challenges. Excited about the prospect of more motorcycle builds in the future.

Leon Behrhorst
Great kit but

Just stated building on Saturday all was alright I would it if the bags that part are in where better marked, as they indicated what bag goes with what instruction book, number 1 or 2. Other than that the blocks go together easy and stay together. It’s going to take me awhile to finish

Toezer Contractor
Suzuki Katana

Great Model - Good Build - Nice Details .
One issue - found the wheels not to scale - should have been larger.


La moto è bellissima ma devo ancora iniziare la costruzione perché sto procedendo l'assemblaggio della MERCEDES AMG ONE, quando inizierò la SUZUKI KATANA farò una recensione buona costruzione a tutti.