CaDA Combination Safe C71006W
CaDA Combination Safe C71006W
CaDA Combination Safe C71006W
CaDA Combination Safe C71006W
CaDA Combination Safe C71006W

CaDA Combination Safe C71006W

Designed By JK Brickworks
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Discover the creativity and innovation behind this 442-pieces building block set that lets you assemble a stunning antique-style safe with a fully functional combination lock. Designed by the same mastermind behind the renowned CaDA solar system, this set takes a different approach but offers an equally captivating experience. Delight in the intricate mechanism and the thrill of putting together your own working safe.

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The principle and structure of a real safe are restored through blocks: it contains three layers of dial codes with grooves, and only by fluctuating the correct dial code, in turn, can the grooves be aligned with the lock core, so that the lock can be opened by the knob linkage.

Storage space included: Items can be stored and encrypted for safekeeping.

Mechanical knowledge learning: clever mechanical design, with manuscript-style inserts to introduce the user to the building process to learn the mechanical principles of real safes

Model Number.: C71006W

Difficulty: Low

Pieces: 442

Product Size: L14.7-W12.8-H11.5cm

Color Box Measure: L30.7-W23.8-H11.9cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Thomas Einöder
Cool looking thing!

I really love the shiny gold pieces. :-)

Cool idea, so-so execution

I bought this because there aren't any other builds like it, and with as impressive as the engineering in the other builds are, I thought this would be a cool way to better understand the inner workings of a safe.

It does work... kind of. It was very finicky and I had to try resetting it several times before I was able to get it to correctly work. The instructions for working it in the back (pictures) aren't super clear, which adds to the complications. Overall, I wouldn't particularly recommend this build.


I loved this set as soon as I saw it on the website, that's something unique and I love the details.
If you are like me that you care how pieces work together, it's like one big piece without any loose pieces and firmly holding together. Defiantly worth it.

Mike W
A fun build with a gorgeous result

This is my first set from CaDA and I really enjoyed building it. The safe is very cool looking with gold accents and interesting piece shapes. I struggled with understanding the instructions for the combination lock but got through it. I had exactly the right amount of peices.

I have the solar system set to build next and am excited to see how it turns out!

Mike Chaszcziwskiy
Great quality and instructions

Loved it

Randall P.
A definite 10/10!

Outstanding build! It's satisfying to assemble, visually appealing, and creatively designed with unique parts.

Karol koko
the best conception of non lego


Jon Beyerlein
Nice little Safe

Fun to build a little tough to slide open but I used a little lithium and I use to lock up the combination Jk

Luís Brôco

CaDA Combination Safe C71006W

Marco de Loos
CADA safe

Good pricing. Fast and save delivery. Is like the pictures.