CaDA Goliath Bulldozer C61056W
CaDA Goliath Bulldozer C61056W
CaDA Goliath Bulldozer C61056W
CaDA Goliath Bulldozer C61056W
CaDA Goliath Bulldozer C61056W
CaDA Goliath Bulldozer C61056W

CaDA Goliath Bulldozer C61056W

Designed By Maciej Szymanski
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Whether you are an experienced construction vehicle enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of heavy machinery and construction, the CaDA Master Goliath Bulldozer is the perfect choice for your collection. This highly detailed 1:16 scale model accurately captures the design and functionality of the original machine.

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Open the doors on both sides of the engine compartment and discover the details of the cab.

Control the vehicle remotely to move forward, backward, and rotate in place, with differential steering.

All realistic functions: The angel-adjustable front blade can be lifted and lowered as a whole; the rear loosening plow designed with an angel rotation function, can be lifted and lowered

This is a great gift for young builders who want to explore the world of construction vehicles and construction.

Model Number.: C61056W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 2826

Scale: 1:16

Product Size: L53.8-W30.4-H24cm

Color Box Measure: L56.7-W37.3-H14.6cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
It's a BIG Beast

I enjoyed the build after overcoming initial difficulties: An Axel for a gear wheel was defective. Luckily the Bluebrixx Store in Hamburg had a replacemant. There was too much tension in the Motor Mock-up. Since the defective Axle was in the Motor mock-upI had to rebuild ist, after that the tension was gone and the construction went without any problems. Point of criticism: the cable management could be better, some of the cables are too long, but once you realize that, it's too late to place them better. Anyone who hase made a mistakt when connecting to the 2 battery boxes: it's hard to change this! Check it out early enough!!! The attachment of the Engine Hood is noch clever designed. The drive train has too much friction. Things I like: The Yellow Track. The Yellow Beast is very impressive after it's finished! The construction is relatively easy and you can progress relatively quickly. If you like big machines, this is the thing for you :) YouTube video placeholder
peter smyth
Goliath bulldozer

Hi everyone this is a terrific model and works perfectly after finished! This build for sure needs some experience in building. Read ahead and make a plan for wire placement. Test gears for smoothness after assembly! The quality of parts is very good and was not missing anything. As a matter of fact the kit had spares of a lot of small parts. Also the design of this beast is excellent! A lot of thought went into it. Overall a very nice building experience!! Many thanks to CaDA and the designer of this model!

Beat Felber
A realistic model of a Bulldozer

A really enjoyable build with a building style that I really like and that comes close to my own way of building technical models. Full of working features but nevertheless combined with great looks. I really dig the combination of basic bricks for the outher shell and technical elements for the inner workings. A lot of fun to operate thanks to an own motor for every function. No nasty gearboxes that take the spontaneousness of operating the model and do not allow to simultaneously operate more than one function.
Thumbs up to Cada for a very good parts quality and not a single missing brick! Also a big plus are some really useful parts shapes that I haven't seen so far with other manufacturers of building bricks.
Congratulations to the designer Maciej Szymanski for creating an outstanding piece of construction equipment!
If I had to critizise a point, it would be the missing blade guard on the outer angled sections of the blade.