CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop C66010W
CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop C66010W
CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop C66010W
CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop C66010W
CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop C66010W
CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop C66010W
CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop C66010W
CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop C66010W
CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop C66010W

CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop C66010W

Designed by TongXinJun
Regular price$66.99

CaDA Japanese Kissaten Shop is complete with traditional signage, furniture, and a chandelier. Showcase every detail with the quick-release structure and included a light group. Enjoy the convenience of vending machines and dragging doors.

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Immerse yourself in the authentic Japanese architectural style, complete with traditional signage and wall lights.

The first-floor entrance courtyard and second-floor balcony provide a realistic touch to the tea store experience.

Enjoy the convenience of vending machines and dragging doors, just like in a bustling Japanese street.

The first and second-floor living room furniture and chandelier add to the authenticity and charm of the tea store.

Show off the interior details of each layer with the quick-release structure, allowing you to fully customize the space.

With the quick-release structure, you can easily take out each layer and showcase the intricacies of the interior design.

Illuminate your creation with the included light group, perfect for displaying your Japanese street tea store in all its glory.

Model Number.: C66010W

Difficulty: Medium

Pieces: 1200

Product Size: L20-W13-H23cm

Color Box Measure: L30.7-W23.8-H11.9cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
small gem with tons of details and street-worthy

At a fraction of the price You would have to spend at the big marked leader (still?) for a comparable set a lot of unique design gags and even illumination are included. I like the natural color setting, the chinese/ japanese writings and the authentic „tea-house-feeling“ it spreads.

The model shows a traditional architecture that has been upgraded step-by-step with modern equipment as e.g.: aircondition, vending machine, steet lamp, power pole with mast transformer fed by earth cable.

I additionally added some real lightning to the outdoor lamps which severely complicated the building process.

My only backdraw was the ceiling of the 2nd floor, the tea room (steps C1-C2). Applying all dark brown JA30690009 tiles to the plate JA10760007 plate bent the plate in such a strong way upwards that it could not be put in place any more. I had to continue with leaving the tiles. No idea if the plate is to week or the tiles are out of alignment.

But apart from that I love this tiny little full-of-character model.

Jakub Mikulastik
That roof is just superb!

Bought it together with Summer Coffee House and don't know which one I love more. This build was really enjoyable with no real hickups, and it features some fun technical details you can play with (sliding door, etc.). Quality of plastic is pretty good too. Opening backwall is so tall it tends to curve a little bit, which makes it harder to fit into place, but if you fit bottom half first and than build the top half, it works fine. Love the colors!

Melanie Watkins
My favourite

I just received mine and built it and I’m happy to say it was really great. It matches up with other brands perfectly and is now my favourite shop in my city layout. I’ll definitely look at buying the other sets and any future new ones that come out cause I really like the Japanese style.

I really like this series ^^

So yeah, the title says it all. I like these little stores. I have all three of them. What i would like to add are small alleys between these stores, so that the coffee shop for example can open its awning.
In this set i love al the details. I would like it more when there where prints instead of stickers ... but at this point im fine with it. One important piece (the second floor roof piece) was a bit bent but the contstruction made it even ^^'
I also think its a bit darker then on the promo pictures and the roof contstruction was a bit difficult.
But in the end it stands there and i like it very much ^^
I hope for many more future sets!

Domenico Febbo
japan street feeling

a beautiful set that immediately throws you into the manga and anime of the 80s and 90s. a perfect addition to my initial D display

Timothy M.
Nice looking set

Assembling the Japanese tea shop model was a straightforward process, resulting in a pleasing appearance. The model features living quarters on the second floor. I encountered minimal difficulties in getting the pieces to fit together. The floor plates are well-designed to ensure stability and prevent them from coming apart.

Steven E.

These building blocks for adults showcase impressive creativity. Each step introduces something novel. I recommend taking your time and savoring the construction process. The parts are more meticulously labeled and organized compared to another set I assembled.
Here's a helpful tip: ensure that the plugs for the lights all converge, with a bit of flexibility, near the entryway section.

John L.

I'm truly impressed by the appearance of this set. The value for the price is amazing. The inclusion of tiny lights was a pleasant surprise and adds a cool touch. Assembling it requires expertise; I spent a week on it, which was satisfying. I did face some frustration with certain parts not fitting perfectly. I'm pleased to discover this set!

Keith C.
I absolutely enjoyed this build.

I've been reluctant to buy Legos due to the high prices, but this set was on par with them. The instructions were fantastic, making the building process smooth. Though I encountered a couple of small hiccups, I still think it deserves a solid 5 for its overall value and quality!

Teri R.
Nice looking set

The Japanese Kissaten shop model was easy to assemble and is nice looking. Very few problems with getting pieces to fit together. The floor plates are well-built so that they will not fall apart.