CaDA Japanese Summer Coffee House C66007W
CaDA Japanese Summer Coffee House C66007W
CaDA Japanese Summer Coffee House C66007W
CaDA Japanese Summer Coffee House C66007W
CaDA Japanese Summer Coffee House C66007W
CaDA Japanese Summer Coffee House C66007W
CaDA Japanese Summer Coffee House C66007W

CaDA Japanese Summer Coffee House C66007W

Designed by Tong Xin Jun
Regular price$66.99

Step into the bustling world of Japanese coffee culture with our Summer Japanese coffee house building set. Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts, this set captures every detail of an authentic Japanese coffee shop.

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The authentic design captures the essence of Japanese coffee culture

Intricate details from the store sign to the street lights provide a realistic experience

Enter through the side sliding door and see the front sales area, complete with three stools, a coffee machine, coffee ingredients, and a menu

Every detail, from the circuit and pipe on the back to the skylight that can be opened and closed, has been carefully crafted for a realistic experience

The inclusion of small potted plants, daily specials, and air conditioning units adds to the overall authenticity of the design

The double-layer quick-release structure allows for easy removal of the roof to showcase the interior

Control the side awning with a manual knob on the back for added customization options

The realistic design makes this set perfect for Japanese building lovers and coffee lovers alike

Model Number.: CC6007W

Difficulty: Medium

Pieces: 1116

Product Size: L15.2-W13.6-H15.6cm

Color Box Measure: L30.7-W23.8-H11.9cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Jakub Mikulastik
Great build!

Bought it together with Kissaten Shop and don't know which one I love more. This build was really enjoyable with no hickups, and it features some fun technical details you can play with (sliding door, etc.). Quality of plastic is pretty good too, although I had one bent piece, but it didn't still worked well.

Deniz O.

No matter how cute and beautiful the products were, there were missing pieces in both sets I bought also one of the sets did not have stickers inside. When I contacted the company by e-mail, they said that they could not send me a single sticker and the missing pieces, but if I bought another set, they would add it! Unbelievable! no matter how much i love the products this simple problem is so frustrating..

David Mughalashvili
Great Build

A very interesting and cute build. Beautiful packaging, good instruction set. The only cons i found were the stickers, whose glue gets muddy if not applied properly first time, and in my case the AC sticker was not cut on the sheet.
Also there were some... random parts thrown in that are not used in build and no listed in instructions, but as no part was missing it is OK.
Will definitely complete the set and wait for the other potential additions to the line.

Peter Voß
Great Modell

I‘ve bought this in addition to the „steamed bun shop“ which I love, too.

What I like: building up was lot of fun and acceptable challenges. The look ist really great. Part Quality is awesome.
What I don’t like:
Both Modells don’t fit together nicely.
The Color of the bamboo isn’t good.
I would prefer getting printed parts instead of stickers.

Cynthia gao


Niklas D.

The final product is so cool, and the step-by-step instruction guide is excellent—no frustration at all. Thanks, CaDA!

Jeroen Unger
Very nice set!

Very nice set! Everything feels very “familiar” the blocks interlock perfect. Some, to me, unfamiliar building techniques but nothing illegal. I was pleasantly surprised!
Affordable and the overall design makes it an excellent deal. I bought 4 different “Japenese” buildings, so plenty fun to be had.
Superfast shipping btw (The Netherlands)

My first CADA build and I definitely loved it

It was the most pleasant surprise for me as a Lego fan, who always wanted to see a true competitor. This set was perfect for me and I became CADA fan right away.

Good piece, but the others are better

I have the complete japanese building collection. This building is nice overall but does not stand a chance compared to the other 2 buildings from the same designer. It does not have the same detail quality from the previous buildings and it's smaller in size.

서준 이

This set is amazing and perfect!