CaDA London Underground Station C66008W
CaDA London Underground Station C66008W
CaDA London Underground Station C66008W
CaDA London Underground Station C66008W
CaDA London Underground Station C66008W
CaDA London Underground Station C66008W

CaDA London Underground Station C66008W

Designed by Tobias Thieme
Regular price$99.99

Transport yourself to London's iconic station with the CaDA London Underground Station building set. Immerse yourself in the intricate details of the two-floor design, featuring authentic ticketing areas, escalators, and more. Experience the charm and grandeur of London's historic station from the comfort of your own home.

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Immerse yourself in the charm and grandeur of London's historic station with this building set

Artificial ticketing area on the first floor, underground escalator, and stairs to the rest area on the second floor

Meticulously crafted modular building features self-service ticket machines, a refreshment bar, and a piano on the second floor

Station access gates are controlled by a back knob, making your CaDA building collection come to life

The layered quick-release function allows for easy exploration of every nook and cranny

Illuminate the rest area and manual ticket area, or create unique USB lighting effects for added personality and charm

Model Number.: CC6008W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 1836

Product Size: L26.4-W19.2-H18.6cm

Color Box Measure: L46-W38-H10.5cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Roberto Dalla Rosa

Simply fantastic!!!

Ed Swanson
Fast Shipping

Arrived in a week. Looking forward to assembly.

Stefan Roskosch-Kahle
Einfach nur spitze!

Wie bei allen Modellen von Cada hat es wieder viel Spaß gemacht.
Vor allem die ganzen Details sind der Wahnsinn. Man entdeckt beim Hinschauen immer wieder was neues.

Tony E.
Absolutely love it!

This set fits perfectly into our growing Lego/building blocks town. It came with all the pieces and the lighting kit, which was fantastic. The value is excellent compared to other brands. I'm definitely planning to purchase more from this company.

Peter Exley
CaDA London Underground Station

I was very impressed with this set, and great value for money

Arnaldo Derrigo Neto

CaDA London Underground Station C66008W

A gem out of bricks

I would consider this set really a gem. From the first impression - consistent dark red - over technical details - just naming the gate opening mechanism and the placement of lights which fits very well with the included lighting equipment - to the details in the interieur, it provides a round and satisfying experience both during construction and when it is finished. Don't get worried if the said gate opening mechanism seems to get stuck a little at first: When the building is finished, it will run smoothly - at least that's what happened for me. What finally got the child in me was the ticket machine. If you want to mention a downside, it would be that all modified surfaces including the station title are stickers, not prints, but I am not a purist here.