Remote Control Excavator C61082W
Remote Control Excavator C61082W
Remote Control Excavator C61082W
Remote Control Excavator C61082W
Remote Control Excavator C61082W
Remote Control Excavator C61082W
Remote Control Excavator C61082W
Remote Control Excavator C61082W
Remote Control Excavator C61082W

Remote Control Excavator C61082W

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Authentic excavator appearance with intricate details, perfect for imaginative play. Versatile manual control with six barn doors and three control knobs. For an even more realistic experience, add remote control functionality with a power module. Your child will love being in control of this fully functional excavator!

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Realistic and detailed appearance, including the digging arm, cab, compressor room, and other intricate details

Six barn doors that can be manually opened and closed for an interactive and engaging experience

Three control knobs and a function switching switch allow your child to control the digging arm and chassis

Knobs control digging arm lift, retract, and bucket swing action; function switch controls chassis for forward and backward movement, left and right turns, and 360-degree rotation of the platform

The power module enables remote control functionality, giving your child even more ways to engage with the toy

Control the digging arm and chassis remotely, just like a real-life excavator

Provides an even more immersive and exciting play experience for children

Gives children the feeling of working on a construction site with a toy that looks like the real thing

Model Number.: C61082W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 1702

Product Size: L55-W19-H32.4cm

Color Box Measure: L46-W10.5-H38cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great set

Overall, a great set with great functions and awesome quality. Finally, a set that makes you think and pay attention to instructions when building. I was really impressed with the quality of parts.

Kamil Smykowski
Problem with RC

On the first place I want to say that it's a beautifull set. Well thought, giving a lot of fun for nearly 8 hours.
The only problem is the RC system. Only two elements are working properly, but even after deconstructing and building obce note, the problem isn't solved.
I still believe that in a short time I'll be able to use all the possibilities and then think about purchasing a next set.

Where can I donwload instruction?

Can you please provide links to the instructions?
There is no way to download them from web page - links are broken. It seems that only this model is affected.
I own this model, but I lost instructions :/

jan verboom

kan niet verder 1 ontbrekend onderdeel {tandwiel}

functional excavator

Habe den Bagger von meinem Sohn geschenkt bekommen.
wenn man ihn richtig zusammenbaut, funktioniert er auch einwandfrei.
Zwei bis drei kleine Teile fehlte, dafür waren andere zuviel.
Ohne Motoren, schwierig zu spielen, habe das Power System nachgerüstet.
Alle Systeme voll funktionsfähig. Leider gibt es kein passendes Power Set für diesen Bagger,
auch die pdf Anleitungen wie in der Verpackung angekündigt, konnten nicht heruntergeladen werden.
Qualität sehr gut, bis auf eine Achse, musste ausgetauscht werden.
Sehr schöne Verpackung und verständlich Bauanleitung ( 3 Bücher).
Sehr gutes Preis Leistungsverhältnis, ist deshalb zu empfehlen.

pierre c.

C est vraiment cool a construire et facile et la boite de vitesse est incroyable

Jerzy Skraba
Motor set

How can I buy a motor set for C61082W?

Dan Harvey
Great model. Amazing functionality

I placed my order on June 24th and received it on July 1st so let's just start off by saying that shipping was remarkably fast for a package with power functions from China to the USA.

It took me about 5 days to build, taking my time and paying extra close attention to the instructions. The instructions would have been much better in full color but served their purpose.

Just about every other review here says that there are issues with the RC capability after completing the model but I can say that every RC function on my excavator works perfectly.

I'm genuinely impressed by this model and would recommend it to anyone who loves construction equipment.

5 star model!!

Vincent Tay
Still Not A Perfect Build

Facing numerous problems when building this set. Some functions are not working e.g track drive system, lifting arms movement etc. Have rebuild many times and still face problems. Instructions are not very clear. The quality of the set is good. Couple of missing bricks which can be easily replace. Overall experience - not very happy with it.

joop Zwart

Have not received the parcel after 10 days. Because shipment was not free
And no answer at mine e-mail i sent.
On your site stands shipment for free.
Never i Bay things again nu this firm.

Sorry for the delay. Due to the Chinese New Year holiday, logistics and distribution have been affected.
The logistics information was updated on February 8th and is being delivered. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, thank you for your patience and support.