CaDA V12 Hypercar C61053W
CaDA V12 Hypercar C61053W
CaDA V12 Hypercar C61053W
CaDA V12 Hypercar C61053W
CaDA V12 Hypercar C61053W
CaDA V12 Hypercar C61053W

CaDA V12 Hypercar C61053W

Designed by Suhwan Ji
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CaDA V12 Hypercar features an alien-like front body, headlights, and a large air intake grille that adds a touch of futuristic supercar style to this already impressive model. This building set is an absolute must-have for supercar enthusiasts.

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This V12 Hypercar is equipped with a monster motor that delivers unprecedented power. With two-speed switching, you can experience extreme speed while the electric motor roars like a wild beast, providing an immersive experience like no other.

Gullwing door design: The doors open upward at a 90-degree angle, revealing intricate internal details.

V12 engine: Linked with the motor to display immense power.

Iconic tail: Featuring an integrated oversized wing and adjustable rear diffuser.

A challenging build: With a total of 4449 pieces, this model offers an exquisite design that will deeply amaze you during the building process.

Model Number.: C61053W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 4449

Scale: 1:8

Product Size: L60-W27-H14cm

Color Box Measure: L56.7-W37.3-H14.6cm

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ATTENTION! This is a reminder to be aware of using buggy motors with the original battery box as they may cause battery damage. We strongly recommend using buggy motors with the new battery box (white top cover).The old battery box cannot be used with the new motor. Please relate to the instructions above.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Super nice!!!

My thumbs are sore but very happy with the result. Great packaging and good instructions in my opinion. Only one issue is a part on the axle broke and now the car won't run because a single wheel cannot do it. Hopefully I can get a replacement soon.


Its arrived really fast, the car look amazing .
The building is challenging and fun .
So recommend

Daniel Pham

Overall, this is a good set.
However, there are some bad things happened to me.
First of all, the controller was dead already and they sent me the new one so that is fine. After this I had a part which is not full and it seems to be melted.
Secondly, the absorbers don’t work well, the car is heavy but the absorbers dont have enough strength to balance the car. So sad.

Beautiful build

Had a lot of fun building this set, it was a nice challenge. Door mechanism and battery removal is also really nice. Car looks insanely good and cada did a good job with the bricks quality. Will be buying every 1/8 scale car this company releases :)

herencia manuel

Colis non reçu

Steffen Angler
great build, low durable

@ building, i had a lot of fun.
the results looks beautiful.
but the engine is 4 that car too strong!
after driven some meters, something crashes in that car and now u only hear some nasty noises if u "steps on gas" ☹️

Amazing car and build, but...

The design is beautiful, parts are very good quality. Very recommended.

However, I bought the motorized version and there are some design problems. When the car is moving and the car stops, the inertia is so strong that it breaks some of the parts, namely: A gear holder in the differential, the universal joints or the CV joints in the back wheels that are driven.

I sort of fixed this by replacing the differential for the newest type which is an encased version and much more difficult to break, put in metal universal joints, but there are not any metal CV joints so that remains a problem and they break with usage sometimes.

Perhaps CADA should revise the design for the motorized version and change those parts to metal ones or a design that doesn't stress them (a freewheel maybe).

1 cool build !!!!!!!

so far so good no problems really nice build

jacob tepper
Nice car

Nice set, fast car, well built.

Robert Cervantes
Great set

Great set. Was delivered quickly and in original box. Very pleased with this purchase.