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Tim Happel
Great Product

The car and the details are amazing and the fun you have when you build it is indescribable

Item never arrived. Buyer beware.

Placed an order of $350 for this set and the other cars in the Initial D series. Delivery was supposed to take 10 days. It has now been 15 days and I still haven’t received anything.

Buyer beware - I will not be making any purchases again.

John Withrow
Toyota AE86 Trueno Initial D

Nice build, all pieces accounted for. I purchased a second set for a “Project D” motorized version. Love the motorized flip up head lights! I hope to see more Initial D cars in the series.

Sabrina Delgado
The best gift ever!

Best gift I’ve ever purchased. The packaging was amazing. Definitely recommend.

George Reisdorff
Just awesome, for any fan of Initial D

The build is well thought out and executed. The use of gears and joints is smooth and in a lot of cases better than lego joints. I love the studless exterior finish, it is nice to see the smooth sides of this car with a dead on resemblance to the show car we all love. Any fan of Initial D and building sets will love these CaDa sets. My only wish like many others is that there was no stickers and instead they should have used printed bricks. That would have taken this build over the top. For the price though, this can't be beat. I am still in awe of the differential they put in the AE86, just a genius build quality that is fun to build. CaDa, if you ever decide to offer an upgrade kit of printed bricks to replace the stickers, please let me know, I will be one of the first to buy them.

Fun build. Pieces scratched and sticker missing


This is my first purchase that isn't an official Lego set. Also my first purchase from this site.

- It was shipped to Quebec, Canada and took 1 month and 1 week to get to my place.

- Clear instructions for the most part, some can sometimes be confusing
- The box it came with was very well made, the art is amazing!
- Truly a legendary car and a great show piece

- Not sure what happened, but many and my pieces are scuffed or scratched, from the factory it seems. (Seem pictures attached)
- Some pieces were simply just too loose to stay properly in place. For example: the driver seat would always fall over if I had to pick it up and move it around
- The stickers are missing

Overall, I had fun. I'm a little disappointed about the scuffed pieces and the stickers but it is what it is. I'm sure I could reach out to Double-E and they would fix it for me, but I don't feel like waiting a month for a few pieces and stickers to come in the mail and start over the set.

Terence Bonifacio
I love it

The only cons is the sticker

R Stevens
lego 86

Hi, I really like making lego and the Initail d series so to be able to get the AE86 from the series was really cool. It was fun to build and also has a lot of detail involved with building the engine, diff and suspension as well as the interior and the end result looks really cool.
I liked it so much i am going to buy the tofu shop next.

Passing opportunities like Takumi his opponents...

I really enjoyed building this legendary car. Especially when u build it brain afk u'll get very surprised by the resulting parts.
BUT there are dumb choices in the colors of bricks, like why must there be two LIME colored parts, which are even seen after u finished the set?! Or why must there be yellow and red bricks? And why is the front axis in beige and not like the back one's black?
Those are design choices I don't get. I thought Cada would be better than Lego (and yes they are, Lego would've build this car with their complete color palette, but this can't be the requirement).
AND now the most terrible choice of the whole set: The stickers, the goddammit stickers. I don't get it. This model was designed with so much passion and it was such a fun to build. And then u have to put stickers on it... WHY?! This decision caused me heartburn. I'm so confused and disappointed, because it's such a good set. And those stickers look so terrible, especially when people like me have to put it on and can't put them on correctly.
And then u open one of the step 5 bags and see a printed tile with ''D25th anniversary'' on it. I feel so pissed of, like WHY?! Why is only this ONE TILE printed and the rest had to be stickers?!
I just can't believe those missed opportunities...
With stickers and even the strangely colored bricks, this set would be over the top nice, like I said before: the construction is just fun and worth the price, but the stickers pulling down the whole experience of this set so extremely.
Next time it would be nice, if the set would cost like 5 dollar more but has prints on it and none stickers.

Stan Porhola

IM going to buy this set and want to power it up lucky cause I have the motors and batterybox/controller but the set has some lights that I don't have were do I buy those or are they in this set already

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