CaDA  Initial-D Fujiwara&
CaDA  Initial-D Fujiwara&
CaDA  Initial-D Fujiwara&
CaDA  Initial-D Fujiwara&
CaDA  Initial-D Fujiwara&
CaDA  Initial-D Fujiwara&

CaDA Initial-D Fujiwara's Tofu Shop | C61031W

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C61031w initiad-d Fujiwara Tofu Store


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Love the detail

You can alternate some of the brick patterns on the roof to give it a different look.

Eugene Kim

A must have for any fan of Initial D and Lego. Customized with LED lights to give an extra special look. AE86 completes the set nicely.

Peter Matthews
Excellent value brilliant product

Very very happy and satisfied only took 10 days to reach me in the UK brilliant condition no damage to box and fantastic customer service I fully reccomend

Tram Vuong

Shipping was fast. Instructions were clear. I was very impressed how detailed this set could be. If you are an Initial D fan, it’s totally worth having fun with this tofu shop :) I got an 86, FD, and FC to make it a full set too.

Evan Zhibar
A must have for Initial D fans

Very cool set. Has a lot of detail in it. The box that it comes in has very nice art. 10/10.

Beau Van Sickle
Beyond Expectations!

I was in the process of designing a MOC of this very building when I came across this kit. As a first time CaDA purchaser I wasn't sure what to expect but they far exceeded my expectations!

Packaging is great with beautiful details, instructions are well done and easy to follow and the bricks themselves are terrific, and directly compatible with my other bricks!

I was even able to add my own custom touches to the model such as expanding the street, modifying the tree and light pole, adding lights, custom figures and my own custom 86 using pieces from my existing collection to round out the build!

Really hoping they keep going with these sets as I'd love to build the gas station, diner or the top of Mt Akina!

Desmond Chua
Fujiwara Tofu Store C61031

Never thought that I will be collecting initial D toys and yes I am glad this is really a remarkable set to keep in the display shelf. Great details, great job done. YouTube video placeholder

Thank you for your love of our products, your video is perfect.

Fujiwara's Tofu Shop | C61031W

I had no idea Initial D is this popular, I've only ever seen a few episodes of the anime.

The shipping was fast.

The box is beautiful inside and out. I don't know whether to display the box or the set.

The stickers are... okay I guess. Not great, but get the job done.

The bricks are not that good, when compared to LEGO:
-they're weirdly elastic so long thin plates tend to bend unless they're being held down by other bricks. Because of this straight unsupported lines can also look a bit bendy in places
-there's some color variation in random places. E.g. a whole batch can be of uniform color and then a few different pieces can be darker or lighter
-glass panels occasionally come out looking "melted"
-there are visible mould marks here and there
-brick edges can be sharp and even come with shavings you can rub off
-grip varies and is likely made too tight overall to compensate for the loose elements. Some of them you have to apply major force to fit and others don't grip enough.
-bricks have size issues. So a wall will never fool you into looking uniform from up close as the thickness difference will create shadows that will outline the individual bricks. This is not much of an issue though, as we're talking about fractions of a millimeter. You can, however, find and stack different bricks that should end up being the same height and find major discrepancies, the kind that are both visible to the naked eye and would impair a build.

Having said that, either due to the simple nature of this design, or due to designer actively trying to avoid them, most of these issues remain masked
so that there's almost nothing holding the final model back. The only thing that remained is that the tofu machine doesn't grip the floor. Everything else you have to look really close to find, so I can definitely recommend this set to any fans or just random folks like me that like the look of it.

jena strever

Super cool. I was so amazed by it and was so excited to give to my boyfriend as a bday gift. He loves the show and the second he opened it, he was so happy. Very glad I purchased.


Nice build, but not all parts join together well and one window glass came melted for some reason.