CaDA Supercar 770-4 C61041W
CaDA Supercar 770-4 C61041W
CaDA Supercar 770-4 C61041W
CaDA Supercar 770-4 C61041W
CaDA Supercar 770-4 C61041W

CaDA Supercar 770-4 C61041W

Designed by Thijs De Bour
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Designed by the well-known MOCer T-Lego, this CaDA Supercar captures the true essence of the original car with its perfect 1:8 scale. With its distinct contours and aerodynamic details, this model captures the powerful look of the vehicle and is ideal for those seeking a challenging building experience with a supercar model.

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The adjustable dual seats, steering wheel, rearview mirrors, paddle shifters, armrest box, central display screen, and extendable luggage compartment are all highly detailed in this car

Front and Rear Independent Suspension System: All four wheels are equipped with independent suspension and shock absorbers, which minimizes body lean and vibration.

7-speed Sequential Transmission: Controlled by a lever in the cockpit, the gear can be adjusted to different speeds for a truly realistic driving experience.

"All-Wheel Drive System (AWD)" with 3 Differentials: Simulating a V12 engine, the AWD system is linked to the engine when started, providing an aesthetic experience of power.

Manual Functions: Forward and backward movement, opening and closing of the engine hood and front hood, knob-controlled scissors doors, and wing flaps.

Suitable for Adult Challenges: This Supercar set has a total of 3842 pieces, and the entire vehicle can be divided into 14 separate modular assemblies.

Perfect Gift: A fabulous collectible model for Italian sports car enthusiasts and car fans.

Model Number.: C61041W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 3842

Scale: 1:8

Product Size: L59-W25-H13cm

Color Box Measure: L56.7-W37.3-H14.6cm

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Customer Reviews

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Dmitriy Filippov
beautiful model

beautiful model but somewhat fragile

Lukas Santiago
Fantastic with drawbacks

This set is absolutely fantastic, reading other reviews and seeing others build the model such as 'Brick Builder'. Really gave me hope for the set and lessened the septicity of the brand. however while I had no missing or badly molded pieces, the design of the set itself requires utmost patience and a keen eye to get right, I had many steps overlooked such as the step for the gear orientation for the rear wing, or how to link the shift knob to the transmission. once you're past that, which in hindsight is determined on the builders attention to detail, not the MOC or Creator itself, its entirely dependent on the pieces not being too tight or loose, the only major place i noticed this being an issue, was on the rear wing, the piece is supposed to rise horizontally in parallel with the body of the vehicle, however the special pieces they include in bag '10' to be used with the wing are extremely loose and cause it to be extremely flimsy and droop.

Expert Level Required

This is a beautiful design,and definitely requires focus and attention, also the instructions could use some refinement especially in dealing with holding on to loose pieces for multiple steps while building other sections, which can be very frustrating. Also would help having better picture angle. I have built many 1:8 cars and this build made me feel like a newbie.😅 Also factor this kit being my first cada product, so I wasn't use to there instructions.

But in all, I'm definitely happy with the outcome and recommend these kit, all pieces was accounted for with extra pieces and good quality pieces as well. Bags were numbered, and mostly followed along with steps except a handful of parts from a leftover bag.This is a very challenging build but with a beautiful payoff, as one reviewer commented on. The exterior is very fragile, and it looks great, but it's definitely not a toy and strictly as a show model. Also I'm very impressed with Cada packaging, very nice and high quality.

John Foster
Very difficult and pretty, but not very functional

I just completed this model. It is very beautiful as an end product, but there are some things to note: other reviewers also have noted some of its issues. First off, while the infrastructure is built like a rock, the outside skin is very fragile, most plates are attached by a single swivel and moved if touched. There are many pieces that merely rest upon another piece, barely attached and near the bottom rim of the car; so when handling the car they tend to break off (I actually glued a few just to keep them in place). There are many hidden areas within the build and the instructions don't really notify you of these until it is too late - those with smaller hands may have no issues, but adults will. Tying the clutch to the transmission is connected via a pin buried deep in the structure; I had to fabricate a tool out of 12 ga wire to lodge the pin. The model itself is not super difficult, what brings the challenge is the manual. I did the Ferrari model which had five manuals, this had 700 more pieces and only 4 manuals. The illustrations are much smaller and the majority of the structure is black, making it very hard to see placement. Also, there is quite a bit within the car that doesn't need to be there, complex gearing that really does nothing other than filling it up. One cool thing during the build was the retractable wing - the build of the wing structure was fascinating, but the blue wing was too heavy and the genius functionality didn't work so great once the wing was attached. One thing that truly was disappointing and not a fault of the kit, is that it is not motorized, so the cool transmission, clutch, steering, wing couldn't really be demonstrated well, manually, oh and the doors were just in need of a total redesign. I did enjoy the build and it was definitely a challenge; I hope that CADA continues to make Master level kits that are fun and challenging. And, even though, this review may have some points of critique; the designers of these completely blow my mind... absolutely skillful masters in their designs - getting it to all fit and function while still having it look like a car... JUST WOW!

Thank you for your purchase and your support to CaDA. Your comments are very important to us, and we will strive to do better ~

Theodor Bernstein
Amazing service and very good looking finished product

I will definitely buy from here again! The service is amazing and box is in very good shape. The finished build also looks very very good! But the Set has its fair share of problems. Difficuelty with some of the building process and instructions and its very fragile when finished (more of a showpiece than a toy, but this has something to do with the designer not decadastore which is just awesome!! I recomend it to everyone who wants a safe buy and im more than interested myself in buying the ferrari

The photos looks just great! Thank you for sharing. We are looking much forward to serve you again with our best service.

Neil Clarke
Great product

Great price, fast shipping unreal product all around

Thomas Mitault

Hello, I wanted to know when I will receive my order ? How soon ?

Dirk Kugland
kein 4+ Set ;-)

Vielen Dank CaDA, vielen Dank Thijs de Boer für das tolle Set-
man kann sich über den Geschmack streiten, ich finde Ihn sehr gelungen und hatte viel SPASS beim bauen, ja es ist nicht immer ganz einfach und man sollte ihn nicht als erstes bauen wenn man mit Technic anfängt, aber ich wollte die Herausforderung und es hat sich zu 100% gelohnt !!!
über die Qualität von CaDA muss ich glaube nicht viel schreiben, die ist TOP !!! Danke und macht so weiter !!!

quite few project flaws

I am not sure what I did wrong. I have constructed core, and before proceeding to body, I tried to test drive. Transmission seems to switch gears, but when car is on wheels, it cannot drive forward. something inside gears locks and causes gears to stress.

Incredible Value

This set is outstanding! I just started it last night, as soon as it was delivered, and I'm already halfway through. The design is outstanding, and the build process is quite challenging, which I personally love. Can't wait to finish it up, but I might have to slow down a bit so the build process lasts a little longer. Outstanding value for your money, easily on par with the "big name" brick companies as far as quality and the design is miles ahead.