CaDA Viva Hypercar C61505W
CaDA Viva Hypercar C61505W
CaDA Viva Hypercar C61505W
CaDA Viva Hypercar C61505W
CaDA Viva Hypercar C61505W

CaDA Viva Hypercar C61505W

Designed by Thijs De Bour
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Viva Hypercar is an exhilarating building experience that offers unparalleled fun and challenge. With over 4739 pieces, this model promises a thrilling adventure that culminates in an unforgettable finished product.

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8+N+R functional gearbox with paddle shifter for smooth transitions between gears.

Adjustable ground clearance and dynamic suspension for next-level play.

V12 engine with roaring pistons and mechanism for control over working aerodynamics.

Opening butterfly doors reveal stunning interior details, including red sports seats and a meticulously crafted control panel.

Exquisite exterior detailing that exceeds expectations.

Model Number.: C61505W

Difficulty: High

Pieces: 4739

Scale: 1:8

Product Size: L59.7-W27.3-H13.5cm

Color Box Measure: L56.7-W37.3-H14.6cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Adrian Barbour
Challenging yet rewarding build

This was my second Cada purchase after building the excellent Alfa Romeo F1 Car. Overall the set is an engineering masterpiece and I'm very happy with the product and value. The functions are superb and the panel work to shape the exterior of the car is incredible. The set does have some issues, such as the seat headrests coming off, the steering causing the front wheels to rub against the fenders, and a very fragile engine cover. So this is definitely not a set for beginners, but for those with the experience and patience to address and correct these points, the set certainly delivers. (Pictured wheel rims are third-party additions.)

Dmitriy Filippov
challenging build

magnificent and one of the most challenging, time consuming and fragile builds to date, it took me all week and last day was trying to keep all pieces attached 😊 I ended up not using any glue but I was very close 😜 also great value for the money!

Vince Brisard
Une vraie Masterclass

Ne vous y trompez pas, ce modèle est juste sublime et surpasse tout ce que j'ai pu faire en autres modèles Lego. Je ne regrette absolument pas mon achat, les heures d'assemblage, les révélations des fonctionnalité… vraiment une maitrise totale des briques et une ingénierie extrême pour arriver à placer et maintenir les éléments de carrosserie. À posséder absolument sur son étagère (solide) pour admirer tous les jours cet assemblage de 3,180kg !

1 étoile en moins car malgré sa perfection apparente et son plaisir passé à l'assembler, j'y ai trouvé quelques remarques sur mon expérience qui avertissent les potentiels acheteurs : C'est un modèle d'exposition. Ses fonctionnalité techniquement impressionnantes restent en pratique limitées par le poids du plastique. Il n'est absolument pas question de jouer avec et il faut manipuler avec beaucoup de précaution.
- les palettes au volant sont très dures à actionner, ça tord des pièces et peut faire sauter des pins. Du coup je ne l'utilise pas et je n'ai même pas comparé les différences de rotation moteur selon la vitesse engagée.
- Il faut forcer et tordre tous les axes pour arriver à faire bouger l'ensemble du mécanisme de direction. Les roues touchent les passages de roues avant.
- Le mécanisme arrière de gestion des suspension/direction est confiné dans un mouvement de 1mm (en forçant). J'ai vu et revu la notice, il me semble avoir tout bien suivi.
- Le capot arrière reste très fragile. Son incroyable complexité le laisse propice à la torsion involontaire.

Pour le reste, ce sont des petits détails à savoir :
- mix des surfaces mattes/brillantes
- le moteur factice v12 est fonctionnel, mais masqué ! On ne le voit pas fonctionner (on l'entend).
- les jantes pas fidèle à l'original.

Voilà, à part ces remarques qui font dire "ah mince, dommage" c'est un modèle exceptionnel qui atteint une complexité d'imbrication des pièces que je n'avais jamais vue.
Un must.

Mention spéciale aussi à CaDa qui offre la livraison, et qui est rapide! Et aussi le packaging est hautement qualitatif. Bravo !

Anna Parker
Great concept but poor build and parts

I'm used to building model cars, typically purchase Lego brand and I found this set frustrating. The quality of the plastic and the fittings of each piece along with the functions of the completed build, was sub par. The box and booklets were thoughtful and presentation was there, but I was disappointed even at the lower cost compared to the $500 Lego, it wasn't as enjoyable to build.

Micsutka Kornel
nagyon jó, nagyon tetszik

pontatlan 2 helyen az összeszerelés útmutatója
Nagyon élveztem kirakni, nem tudtam abbahagyni :)

Challenging build but an impressive finished product.

The build is extremely impressive and while during the building process, it looks and feels like a complete mess, the finished product is just mind blowing. Seeing the angles just fit so nicely together is just amazing. The doors open up smoothly and the back hood also just opens and closes extremely smoothly. Though the front trunk doesn't stay open all the way, but it's fine. The steering while stiff, is due to the connected tilting suspension. And well, I think I didn't orient a gear properly? Not sure. You can make it to where you can just steer without having the suspension be adjusted so it rotates smoothly. Shifting the gears is smooth and without much of an issue, just overall really well designed. Adjusting the height of the front wheels works smoothly and quite well.

Note: pics show the hood opening fully. That is because I have propped it up with some pieces. The hood doesn't stay fully open when finished.

I have written a more indepth review here: (The review is in the comment section)

Fernando Correia
What a great model

The sleek and accurate model lines caught my eye, and immediately decided that I wanted to have this one in my collection!
Delivery was fast and package arrived in grat condition. This is importanto me as I like to keep the boxes of such large and iconic sets.
It includes CaDA innnotive parts of their own design, that work flawlessly, which is a plus!

The plastics do not appear not top notch but still from a very good quality, and they stick each other with enough clutch power.
The model is quite stable and rigid, so it can be easily handled or hang without fear of it starting to break appart.

The build itself is quite complex and bit difficult some times, but nothing unexpected for such a large, detailed and complex model. The instructions a clear with a few exceptions where they could be improved a bit to make some steps more clear.
The manual gearbox paddle shifts behind the driving wheel are not so easy to operate, but again it hardly could be other way, given the complexity of the gear train, transmission and the incredible total number of gears involved.

Definitely a master piece from Thijs de Boer added to my collection, which I'm very proud to own and show to my friends.
Nowadays I do preffer these models, to those from the original brand which never get to such detail.

An amazingly designed model!

First of all this is an excellent value for all you get! The packaging and instructions were top notch. Piece quality and fitment for the most part were pretty good.

I have built many large sets and honestly this was the most challenging and well engineered set I have built!

What impressed me is how with all the crazy angles and directions that stuff gets attached by, there seemed to always be a second connection to set things in place securely so nothing was loose. The end result is an incredibly detailed and sturdy model.

I had no missing pieces and in fact many extras.

The mechanical functions are pretty interesting. The active front and rear suspension connected to the steering wheel does add a higher level of complexity but was quite unlike anything I've built before.

A couple errors I believe in the instructions at step F75 (see photo for correction) & F182 (same thing)

So I would highly recommend this set if you've built and enjoyed similar sets before, and are ready for a bigger challenge at a great price!


Incredible build, NO missing pieces. Top quality packaging, both ordering and shipping was quick. Definitely recommend this set!

Alvyn Louis

Interesting Build yet very complicated. A Masterpiece indeed and problem is some parts are easily fall apart but overall the set is still great. Must have set 👍