VOLVO A40G Articulated Hauler | E591-003W
VOLVO A40G Articulated Hauler | E591-003W
VOLVO A40G Articulated Hauler | E591-003W
VOLVO A40G Articulated Hauler | E591-003W
VOLVO A40G Articulated Hauler | E591-003W
VOLVO A40G Articulated Hauler | E591-003W

VOLVO A40G Articulated Hauler | E591-003W

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The E591 Volvo A40G remote control hauler model comes in RTR (ready to run) version that makes it a perfect option for hobby grade beginners.


Customer Reviews

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Shan Lee
Fantastic RC & Customer Service

I purchased the VOLVO A40G Articulated Hauler | E591-003W to go with my excavator. Beautiful detail RC, ran great! . . . . EXCEPT . . . no sound! But thanks to great customer service and engineers, they instructed me on repairing it, & gave back a discount for the inconvenience! I didn't have to return it, PLUS, I learned a lot about what's inside! Well made, highly recommend!

Bob Leach
Patience is a virtue

First order went missing in the UK delivery system (EVRI)! I contacted Double EE and they resent me another one with no problems. Fantastic service from CADA. I have now had time to try the truck out and it works brilliantly, well made and good value for money. I cannot fault the service from CADA or their products. The Volvo excavator I have is now matched with a truck from the same stable. Could not resits adding some tow shackles!

Shaun Sutton

Not a bad machine for the price, a little lightweight but this changes when loaded, turns well and fine articulated body, hope double e produce a tailgate for this machine as the fitments are there

Truck is great, postage less so.

It's fantastic and powerful. My 6 year old son and nearly 4 year old daughter love it. She can control this better than the digger.
The only thing I was not happy about at all was the postage. We had to pay 60chf in import fees because of our "remote" address, which is ridiculous because we live 10 mins from a main road and receive post every day with no trouble. I was really disappointed in this.

chris gray
Happy with it

Needs a little more weight, and bed would raise a little higher, and throttle wasn't quite so touchy. If they could fix those it would make a big difference. All in all though pretty happy with it for the price.

Daniel Putnam
Great product for the price

It has plenty of power and looks and performs well. Love the start up and shut down sound too. I do wish it had more metal parts or maybe a little bit of a rear suspension. Could also be better with one single motor for both the back axles and have it locked bc if you drive on an uneven surface the axle that’s in the air will just spin bc it has no resistance. It could just be better but it would probably cost more then. It’s awesome for inside, moving blocks and toys around, but a little hard for kids to control in tight spaces.

Mandeep Pabla

Great product and fast delivery!!

Thomas Roiland
Good little truck and fits a niche

This truck works really well with my 1/14th excavator neither of which are "hobby grade" but are more than just toys. I moved a lot of material using my excavator and this truck and would recommend it to anyone looking for a "Hobby Lite" piece. the price was right and the truck's abilities are adequate for light digging and hauling.

Chris Knight

very nice detailed volvo a40g run nice with sound and lights good stable truck with 6 wheel drive

Derrick Housley

Truck was defective right out the box. I was instructed to repair it myself with the parts they are sending me because its "the most economical way". I am not skilled in micro circuit soldering. This is a review in progress so we'll see how this goes.