CaDA® Buildings

CaDA Modular Buildings - Create Your Dream Collection

Introducing our extensive CaDA Modular Buildings collection, designed for building enthusiasts, creative builders, and more. Inspired by the world's iconic street buildings, these intricately crafted sets are perfect for building block aficionados. From the bustling streets of Japan to the historic sites of London, our collection offers a diverse selection of buildable masterpieces. Explore our CaDA modular sets, including the Initial D Fujiwara Tofu Shop, Seasons Tree House, and more.

Uncover Your Next CaDA Building Adventure

From the lively streets of Japan, the Japanese Steamed Bun Shop, Japanese Summer Coffee House, and Japanese Kissaten Shop by Tong Xin Jun are undoubtedly top picks for fans of Japanese street architecture. These sets meticulously recreate realistic-style buildings, making them perfect additions to your collection. Combine and showcase these stunning structures in your living room or bedroom for a captivating display!

For enthusiasts of European street scenes, we offer a series of architectural sets, including the Parisian Restaurant, London Underground Station, Buckingham Palace—a symbol of British history—and charming European cafes. These sets faithfully reproduce European architecture, providing collectors with various choices.

Why Choose CaDA Buildings?

CaDA Modular Buildings provide the perfect blend of creativity, challenge, and satisfaction for builders of all ages. Our kits are thoughtfully designed with high-quality materials, ensuring a rewarding building experience and an impressive finished product. Explore our extensive collection and start constructing your dream architectural display today.