CaDA Bricks V12 Hypercar Designed By Suhwan Ji | C61053W
CaDA Bricks V12 Hypercar Designed By Suhwan Ji | C61053W
CaDA Bricks V12 Hypercar Designed By Suhwan Ji | C61053W
CaDA Bricks V12 Hypercar Designed By Suhwan Ji | C61053W
CaDA Bricks V12 Hypercar Designed By Suhwan Ji | C61053W

CaDA Bricks V12 Hypercar Designed By Suhwan Ji | C61053W

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Packing: Original Box

ATTENTION! This is a reminder to be aware of using buggy motors with the original battery box as they may cause battery damage. We strongly recommend using buggy motors with the new battery box (white top cover).The old battery box cannot be used with the new motor. Please relate to the instructions above.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Daniel Pham

Overall, this is a good set.
However, there are some bad things happened to me.
First of all, the controller was dead already and they sent me the new one so that is fine. After this I had a part which is not full and it seems to be melted.
Secondly, the absorbers donā€™t work well, the car is heavy but the absorbers dont have enough strength to balance the car. So sad.

Beautiful build

Had a lot of fun building this set, it was a nice challenge. Door mechanism and battery removal is also really nice. Car looks insanely good and cada did a good job with the bricks quality. Will be buying every 1/8 scale car this company releases :)

Ethan Morgan
High quality fun

It was an enjoyable build and very challenging in a good way. The instructions were very clear and concise and it goes so fast that I got a speeding ticket.

I hate stickers

Hi all,

the set is great also how to built is great. So that would be 6 Stars... But why the Stickers? Why its not possible to be Company that prints their bricks. Thats really bad. I have the Car without any sticker i will not use them. Please Cada go back and print all your bricks. Thats something really special and would make a big difference between your sets and all others.

The other point is. It would be great to get this car also witchout motor.

Alles besten geklappt.

Direkt bei CADA bestellt und in 10 Tagen war das Paket einwandfrei in der Schweiz.
Preis-Leistung stimmt, gern wieder. Bin erst im Aufbau des Sets.

Amazing but there are some flaws

This whole set is amazing in so many different ways, from the great attention to detail to the very creative ways of building with technic bricks. I would highly recommend anyone to buy this set but you should be ready to spend over a week building it lol. There is a unexpected amount of extra pieces at the end of each box and I only had 1 missing piece throughout the whole set(the part list at the end of the 2nd booklet said there was supposed to be 1 of the left version of the brick and 1 of the right version but I received 2 of the right version and 0 of the left. The piece was only cosmetic so it did not cause any problems) but overall I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in this to buy it.

Matthew McPherson
Incorrect delivery information & very poor delivery time!

Even though it's been 2 weeks since I've ordered the Supercar, I'm still yet to receive delivery so I am not able to give any sort of review!

Bradley Kutz
Let's get started

Just had a chance to open the box yesterday and whipped though box 1. Was left with more extra parts than I thought šŸ¤” , but then again I watch TV and listen to music while building. Guess I'll be going over it tonight. No but seriously this build appears to be well designed and can't wait to see the new motor's at work. Not sure why you didn't have metal universal joint like the first supercar that came out to accommodate for the increased torque.

Sebastian Richter
Perfect supercar with some difficulties

Very good design. Some parts are much to delicate fixed to the body.

And as allways: I hate blue pins!!!

RenƩ Hiltbrunner

Hat alles gut geklappt. Leider noch nicht mit dem zusammen Bau begonnen.